Using the Setup Wizard

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Using the Setup Wizard

Postby WhiteRider » Mon May 24, 2010 4:12 pm

Using the Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard automates the process of setting up PokerTracker 3 to work with any or all of your poker sites, and to import any existing hand history files and move them to the 'Processed' folder (see 'Move Processed Files To' in the Tutorial: Using Auto Import and the Tutorial - Preventing Duplicates for more information).

The first time you run PT3 the Setup Wizard will run automatically to set the initial configuration, but you can run it at any time from the menu File > Setup Wizard.

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Step 1 - Select Sites

In step 1 you select the sites which the Setup Wizard will configure.
All of the sites which are installed on your computer should be pre-selected but you can remove any sites which you don't want to configure, or even add other sites you have installed which weren't pre-selected.

When you have selected the sites that you want to configure, click Continue to Next Step.


Step 2 - Configure Hand Histories

Step 2 sets up the hand history folders for each site selected in Step 1.
The hand history folder for each site should be detected and filled in automatically, in which case the site will have a green tick next to it. When all sites have ticks you can click Continue to Next Step to move on to import any existing hand histories.


If any site doesn't have a tick it is probably because the site is not yet configured to save hand histories, or possibly because no hand histories have yet been played (some sites don't create the hand history folder until a hand history file is written).
If this is the case then you can click the blue question mark icon to see information about enabling hand histories in the site software.
You can also click Add Directory to add another hand history folder for the site, for instance if you have a handgrabber for the site.
Finally you can click Advanced Configuration to set up further options such as Preferred Seating or the Full Tilt "Rush" HUD option.


FullTiltAvancedConfiguration.png (8.39 KiB) Viewed 5601 times

Step 3 - First Time Import

After setting up the hand history folders, in Step 3 the Setup Wizard will list any existing hand history files.
When you click Import Now and Continue the hand history files will be imported into PT3 and then moved to the "Processed" folder, which is a sub-folder of your PokerTracker 3 installation folder. This is done so that when you Auto Import the previously imported files do not have to be read again - see the Tutorial - Preventing Duplicates for more information.
If you enable the Skip this Step option the hand history files will not be imported, but will still be moved.


When you start the import you will see a progress bar and a report of the files and number of hands being imported.


After all of the hand history files have been imported "housekeeping" will be run to optimize the performance of your database.
See the Database Management & Maintenance Guide for more information on housekeeping.

If you have a lot of existing hand history files the import and housekeeping process can take some time, so please schedule this when you have time to let it finish.

Step 4 - Finished

The list of sites which are configured is shown and you are ready to Begin using PokerTracker 3.

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