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Re: Select the hand that matches...

Postby WhiteRider » Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:11 pm

The "Beta" version is actually different to the new live software (it looks the same, but is different in some ways under the skin). If you're using the beta software and your skin has updated to the new software then you should switch to using the proper client instead of the beta. Latest builds of PT4 do support the new iPoker software.

The field in the iPoker hand history file which used to hold the tournament number in the old software now has a number which is not the tournament number and does not match the information in the table window, which means that if there are multiple tables of the same type then the Hud can't attach automatically.
iPoker has now added a new field which does have the correct tournament number, and we're updating PT4 to use this, which should remove the need for the table selection Hud again. If you reply to your ticket we'll make sure you're linked so that you get a notification when this change is released.
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