Since Update to Pt 4.15 error import

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Since Update to Pt 4.15 error import

Postby sp00ky » Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:23 am

since I updated to Pt 4.15 I get errors while importing. I asked the Pt support and they told me :"the PokerTracker4 logs are showing references to "pph" which I associate with ProPokerHUDs products and something they add to a database is apparently missing and creating the trouble you reported
Can you help me to fix this?
Here is a small part of what is shown:
Spoiler: show
Error: 888 Poker: Unable to import hand (#485774028). Reason: Error: Unable to execute query: Fatal Error; Reason: Error: (ERROR: schema "pph" does not exist CONTEXT: SQL statement "SELECT chps.id_player, chps.id_gametype, chps.id_limit, chs.cnt_players,((case when( lookup_positions.flg_sb) then 0 else (case when( lookup_positions.flg_bb) then 1 else (case when( lookup_positions.flg_ep) then 2 else (case when( lookup_positions.flg_mp) then 3 else (case when( lookup_positions.flg_co) then 4 else 5 end) end) end) end) end)), (chps.flg_f_has_position), (chps.flg_t_has_position), (chps.flg_r_has_position), (CAST ( ((date_part('year', timezone('UTC', chps.date_played + INTERVAL '0 HOURS')) * 100) + (EXTRACT (WEEK FROM timezone('UTC', chps.date_played + INTERVAL '0 HOURS')))) AS integer )), (CAST(sum((case when(chps.amt_won < 0) then (chps.val_curr_conv * chps.amt_won * -1) else 0 end)) AS numeric )), (CAST(sum((case when(chps.amt_won >= 0) then (chps.val_curr_conv * chps.amt_won) else 0 end)) AS numeric )), (sum((case when(chps.flg_blind_def_opp AND lookup_actions_p.action LIKE 'C%' AND chps.enum_f_cbet_action='F') then 1 else 0 end)))...
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Re: Since Update to Pt 4.15 error import

Postby PropokerHUDs » Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:03 pm

You either had a vs hero pack or flop texture pack and you have not added the pph schema. You need to add it to all your databases via pgAdmin.

1. For flop texture - ... 0Guide.pdf
2. For vs hero - ... 0Guide.pdf
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