Specific stats for a Spin and go HUd

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Specific stats for a Spin and go HUd

Postby TheBloodyNines » Sun Apr 04, 2021 5:37 pm

Ok, so Im wanting to create the perfect (for me) spin and go hud. Is there a hud stat thats sort of like pfr/vpip, but instead of including any hands they raise pre or anytime they put money in pot. It specifically shows the percentage of time they open shove preflop, and another stat that shows the percentage of time that they shove over your open raise. Yes i realize 3 bet % kind of covers that, but Im looking specifically for 3 bet shoves over open raises. or open shoves all in from the small blind. As well as shoves over limpers from small or big. Im also open to any suggestions on stats u guys find most usefull for spins
If someone could help me out with this, Id be glad to send them the finnished product when Ive created the HUD!
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