PT4 Freezing and spiking CPU

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PT4 Freezing and spiking CPU

Postby twistedge » Wed May 29, 2013 9:06 pm

Purchased and installed PT4 this week and I'm already way too frustrated.

Imported 140,000 hands to evaluate one time period on one level.
Configured HUD
Opened 6 tables on Stars
Worked perfectly for 30 minutes and HUD stopped.
Tried to Stop "Get Hands While Playing" -- it just greys out all buttons
CPU spiking and approaching 90c
Kill PT4, CPU immediately drops to normal

Multiple attempts, restarts and reboots, but PT4 was still freezing on any import.

Manually deleted files from HandHistory
Opened 6 tables on Stars
Worked for 20-30 minutes and HUD froze
CPU Spikes again
Kill PT4 again

Manually delete files from HandHistory
Rinse and Repeat with same results

HP EliteBook with Intel i7 QuadCore...and this is the software that overheats my machine.
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Re: PT4 Freezing and spiking CPU

Postby WhiteRider » Thu May 30, 2013 3:56 am

If you're not using v4.08.2 please update - PT4 Download Page.

If you're having problems in that version please open a Support Ticket and report your problem so that we can check your logs and find out what is going on. Please describe exactly what happened and when so that we can find the relevant parts of your log.
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Re: PT4 Freezing and spiking CPU

Postby twistedge » Thu May 30, 2013 7:35 am

Version is 4.08.2

There are no logs being created.
I started PT4 (Logging Enabled)
Verified Under Configure>Options that Enable Logging is checked
Opened Folder ...Local\PokerTracker4\Logs
No logs created today.

Test Case:
Wait for PT4 to freeze
Shutdown PokerStars
Move files from HandHistory to new folder ABC
Start PT4 (Logging Enabled)
Verify "Logging Enabled" is checked
Select "Get Hands From Disk"
Select Folder ABC
Wait long enough to know PT4 Import is frozen
Hands Imported: 0
Select "View Import Status"
Line1: "Importing files from disk..."
Line2: "Import file" C:\...PS table.txt"
Status shows the first of 8 files that need to be processed in folder ABC
CPUs working hard
Checked PokerTracker4\Log folder
No logs created today.
Kill PT4 through Task Manager
CPUs instantly start to cool down
Double checked that no logs were created

Not sure what other information I can provide or how I can open a ticket without a log.
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Re: PT4 Freezing and spiking CPU

Postby kraada » Thu May 30, 2013 8:50 am

To find the log file click File -> Show User Data Folder in the main PT4 window. The file we need is the text file called PokerTracker4 in that folder.
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