Fold F Bet to 2Bet Lower than Fold CBet to Raise???

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Fold F Bet to 2Bet Lower than Fold CBet to Raise???

Postby acesjohn » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:23 am

Something is serriously wrong here, what's missing?

I am using your default flop stats: Fold CB/Fold Float/Fold Donk to Raise.

I then made a custom "Fold any bet to raise" stat, because your "fold to 2bet stat includes times a player hasn't acted yet.

But how can my reading for TOTAL be lower than a singular bet type?

My Total stat has 40 opportunities, my CBet stat has 44 opportunities...

The code i used is just:

cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_f_bet AND cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_f_3bet_opp

I also did:

cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_f_open AND cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_f_3bet_opp

If i am not mistaken this means, we Bet and then got 2Bet, because we now have the opportinity to 3bet...
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Re: Fold F Bet to 2Bet Lower than Fold CBet to Raise???

Postby Flag_Hippo » Thu Sep 13, 2018 11:50 am

acesjohn wrote:my CBet stat has 44 opportunities...

What is your 'my CBet stat' exactly? If you're using the built-in stat called 'Fold to Raise After F CBet' then that uses cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_f_face_raise rather than cash_hand_player_statistics.flg_f_3bet_opp so if the flop 2Bet is an all-in then your stat won't count those because there is no 3Bet opportunity.
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