Is anyone monitoring support?

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Is anyone monitoring support?

Postby phulhouze » Wed Mar 13, 2019 9:17 pm

Since the latest "pokerstarts update" Omaha is not working - when I sit at a table, it shows me existing stats for players, but doesn't record new hands. Also, I no longer have a box displaying my own stats, and the other players boxes all show up in the wrong places. Whenever a player leaves and a new one sits down, the HUD still shows stats for the original player - even if I restart HUD, "stop getting hands," or exit and reopen PT, it still won't update.

I've tried contacting support through the help menu, e-mail, and on Twitter. This has been going on for weeks now and I can't get a response from anyone.
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Re: Is anyone monitoring support?

Postby Flag_Hippo » Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:15 am

We sent you a reply to Support Ticket #393182 on 8th March so if you are not seeing that in your inbox please check your junk/spam folder. You can also view your Support Tickets and our replies at any time by signing into your account and visiting your My Account -> My Support Tickets page. The description of your problem sounds like you are only importing observed hands via the integrated memory grabber which isn't for when you are dealt in so make sure that PokerStars is saving your hand history files (PokerStars Client -> Settings -> Playing History -> Hand History -> [x] Save My Hand History) and that PokerTracker 4 is importing from that location (Configure -> Sites & Import Options -> Site Configuration -> PokerStars) as sometimes a PokerStars update can disable that option:

PokerStars Configuration Guide
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