Configuring Preferences

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October 25, 2013
PokerAce Hud
  • Preferences


  • General


    • Hands Used For Averages

      Only used by the Average Pot Size stat. It uses the last X hands to determine what the average pot size for the table is.

    • Invalid Stat Text

      This is what PokerAce Hud will display in place of a value when the stat value is invalid.

    • Minimize to System Tray

      When PokerAce Hud is minimized, this allows it to leave the taskbar and go to the system tray, near the clock.

    • Enable Popup Stats

      Allows you to disable the popup stats if you wish. You can also indicate how long you want the popup window to show before disappearing. Setting this to 0 means that the popup will only disappear once you click on it.

    • Check For Updates

      PokerAce Hud can automatically check if there is a newer version available. If this option is set, once a day when you start PokerAce Hud, it will connect to the internet to determine if a newer version is available. If you don't want this done automatically, you can always click on the "Check Now" link to manually have the check performed.

      Privacy Notice: The only thing that PokerAce Hud sends to the PokerAce Software webserver is the current version you are using, and that is only to allow the server to personalize the response to that version.


    • Enable Logging

      This causes PokerAce Hud to log actions to a file on disk. This should really only be used when trying to hunt down a bug. The log file is named "PAHud.log" and is located in the main installation directory.

    • Table Averages on List

      This area allows you to choose which, if any, table averages you would like displayed on the main PokerAce Hud window. Here is a screenshot of what the window looks like with Voluntarily Put $ In Pot, Preflop Raise and Pot Size checked:


      You can double click a table on the list and PokerAce Hud will cause that table window to be brought to focus. This is a great way to make good table selection a little easier.

  • Filters


    • Minimum Hands Required

      This determines how many hands a player must have recorded in your database before their stats will be displayed. Generally, when you only have a few hands with a player, the stats are not going to be very accurate. It's usually better to wait until you have a decent sample size before depending on the stats.

    • Show Stats From Current Limit Only

      This is used to filter the stats that are displayed to only those hands you have recorded for that player at the limit of the table where they are currently playing. This filter will only affect cash games. Tournaments will ignore this filter.

    • Show Stats From Current Session Only

      This is used to filter the stats that are displayed to only those hands you have recorded for that player at the session they are currently playing.

    • Show Stats From The Last X Hands Only

      This is used to filter the stats that are displayed to only the last X hands you have recorded for that player. Please note that this filter may cause excess processing to be done by PokerAce Hud if you set the number too large.

    • Player Ranges

      Player ranges allow you to have PokerAce Hud dynamically adjust the stats for the table you are playing on based on the number of players sitting at the table. An example might make it easier to understand.

      Say you set up your ranges like this:

      Min: 2, Max: 3
      Min: 4, Max: 6
      Min: 7, Max: 10

      Now let's say you sit down at a table that has 8 players. PokerAce Hud checks this list and sees that 8 players falls in the third range, so the stats you see will be limited to those hands in your database that have 7-10 players.

      Next, you sit at another table that has 3 players on it. PokerAce Hud will only show stats from those hands that have 2-3 players.

      This is a good way to separate full tables from 6 max for those sites where PokerTracker cannot automatically determine if the session is a 6 max session.

      The default player range is Min: 2, Max: 10, which will cover all hands in the database.

  • Refresh Rates


    • Hand Refresh Ranges

      PokerAce Hud doesn't just blindly retrieve everyone's statistics from your databases. In order to save resources and speed things up, the number of retrieves for a player is directly related to how many hands you have with that player. If you have a small amount of hands with a player, say 45, each hand may affect the statistics you have on that player. Therefore, you want to be regularly retrieving those stats. On the other hand, if you have over 1,000 hands with a player, each individual hand has a very insignificant effect on the stats. You don't need to retrieve for those players very often. This screen is where you configure this.

      The settings that PokerAce Hud comes with are pretty good. If you have less than 100 hands with a player, the stats will be re-retrieved after every 5 hands. Once you have 100 hands with a player, their stats will be retrieved only every 10 hands. After 200 hands, the statistics don't change much, so every 20 hands they are retrieved.

      Each setting can be changed by selecting the range and clicking on the appropriate button. Be careful not to refresh too often, as it might cause your computer to slow down. It's not recommended that you change these unless you have a specific reason to.

    • Self Stats

      This determines how often PokerAce Hud will retrieve your stats for the current sessions you are playing.

  • Databases


    The text in the screenshot gives some information about the caching feature. It is fully recommended that you enable the cache and let it build overnight. You don't want to have PokerTracker or any poker sites open as any extra database activity will greatly slow down the performance of the cache creation.

    The cache will not work if you have certain filters enabled. The Show Stats From Current Session Only and the Show Stats From The Last X Hands Only filters will prevent the cache from being built.

    If you change any of the filters, you risk having the cache rebuilt. Therefore, if you need to change any filters, it it suggested that you disable the cache before changing the filters. Once changed, re-enable caching and allow it to be rebuilt.

    The Use Database Cache option will enable caching. Once you check this option and hit OK to apply the changes, PokerAce Hud will begin to create the cache. This can be a lengthy process if you have large databases. When you disable this option, PokerAce Hud will delete the cache files and will need to be recreated if you re-enable it later.

    Important Notice
    If you purge hands from your PokerTracker database, it is highly recommended that you recreate the cache by disabling it, closing the preferences, then re-enabling it and allowing it to be recreated.

    The Automatically Update Cache option will allow PokerAce Hud to check if the cache needs updated each time you run it. The prerequisites for a cache update is that a database has imported 1000 hands since the last update and they were imported before the start of the current day (12 midnight). If a lot of new hands have been added, the update may take a while and cause slowdowns. If you find yourself having problems with the automatic updates, disable this option and use the Update Now button to perform updates on demand.


    This is where the databases are configured. If you only have one database, or want to use all your databases, then there is no reason to change this. By default, all of your PokerTracker databases are used. If you have a database that is not registered with the local copy of PokerTracker, then that database cannot be used. Databases must be registered with PokerTracker before they can be used.

    To select which databases to use, simply highlight those databases you want. Clicking on a database will highlight and clicking it again will unhighlight it. The PT Holdem section contains all the available Hold'em databases, while the PT Omaha section contains all the available Omaha databases.

  • Internet


    This is where the proxy connections are configured. If you are accessing the internet from behind a proxy, you will need to add the information here.

    Important Notice
    Password protected proxies are not supported by PokerAce Hud. If you are behind a password protected proxy, you will need to contact PokerAce Software support.