Purging Sessions or Tournaments

PokerTracker 3 version 3.10
October 25, 2013
PokerTracker 3
  • Purging

    PokerTracker 3 allows you to delete ("Purge") sessions from the database.

    WARNING - Purging is an irreversible process. Anything purged from your database cannot be recovered so we advise you to make a backup of your database before you start.
    See the Tutorial: Backup and Restore for more information.

    Note:You cannot delete individual hands or players because each hand involves multiple players and affects the session totals. The smallest 'unit' you can purge is a session.


    To open the Selective Export window use the PT3 menu Database -> Database Management.


    On the Database Management window, select the database you want to Purge from, and click the Purge... button.




    This will open the Selective Purge window.
    In this window there are several different ways to select which sessions are purged.

  • Purging Sessions

    On the Sessions tab you can select a select a player from the list and then highlight one or more of their sessions to be purged.
    You can click individual sessions, or use control-click or shift-click to select multiple sessions.
    You then click Purge Selected to delete the selected sessions.

    Note: When you purge a session for a player, all the hands played by other players in that session will be removed as well.

    On this tab you can also Purge Players w/o Hands which will remove all players without hands in the current database.

    Tip! If you want to remove a player from the database altogether then select all their sessions and purge them, then use the Purge Players w/o Hands button.



  • Purging Tournaments

    On the Tournaments tab you can select one or more tournaments by clicking, control-clicking or shift-clicking.
    You then click Purge Selected to delete the selected tournaments.



  • Advanced Purge

    The Advanced tabs allows you to purge sessions based on date ranges, sites and limits.

    Advanced -> Cash Games allows you to purge cash sessions using filters.



    You can also choose to purge observed hands only.
    To do this enable the Observed Only option and click the Change link to search for your player name in this window.


    Your player name will then be shown at the bottom of the window.



    Select whichever other filters you like and click Purge Sessions.
    If you leave all options disabled then all sessions will be purged.

    Advanced -> Tournaments allows you to purge tournaments using filters.

    You can filter for date ranges, sites, buyins, table types and tourney types.
    If you don't filter for anything in a particular section then all of them will be purged.

    You can also purge observed tournaments only in the same way as for cash sessions (described above).