Tournament Results

PokerTracker 3 version 3.10
October 25, 2013
  • Introduction

    Hand Histories for most sites do NOT include summary / finishing information, so this is not available for import.
    See the section on "Results information provided by sites" below for details of what information is provided by each site.

    However, PT3 has a tournament Auto Detection mechanism which detects as much information as possible from the hand histories (and summaries, where available).

    This is able to automatically determine finishing positions (and prizes where the type and payout structure are known or can be detected) for single table tournaments.
    For MTTs results can only be detected for the final table (as full information about other tables is not available) unless they are in the hand history files or a summary is available.
    The amount of information available is still dependent on what is in the hand history files, but some of the gaps can be filled in automatically.

    Please read the Tournament Auto Detection section below for more information.

  • Results information provided by sites
    • PokerStars

      PokerStars includes finishing positions and results information for players knocked out of tables that you are playing at in the hand history files and this information is imported by PT3.

      They also write tournament summary information to a separate file on your computer when you are eliminated from the tournament.
      To have PT3 read these files you need to configure Auto Import > PokerStars Configuration to read from the folder configured in the PokerStars lobby menu Options > Tournament Summary Options... (Auto Detect should find this OK.)

      This only records results to the point you were knocked out - if you want full results you will need to request the tournament results by e-mail (PokerStars lobby menu Requests > Tournament History). You can import directly from the e-mail or by saving the contents to file and importing that (click here for information on configuring email imports).

      PokerStars will also send you a full Audit file [on request] which PT3 will import (you must request it in .csv format, and import to the original file that is sent to you) to update all of your tournament results (win/loss only - there is no finish position information in these files).
      You can request this via the PokerStars lobby menu Requests > Playing History Audit.
      To get full results imported you need to enable the Overwrite Tournament Summary Data option on the Manual Import tab. Since this will overwrite a lot of information it is strongly recommended that you make a Backup of your database before you do the import.

    • Full Tilt

      Full Tilt write a summary file for tournaments when you close the lobby, and this will be imported automatically as long as you leave the tournament lobby open long enough to get the results.

    • iPoker

      iPoker hand history files include summary information once the lobby is closed and this will be imported.

    • Party Poker

      Party Poker will email you a summary of SNG results, and these can be imported directly from your email server (click here for email setup information). You can set this up to be automatically emailed to you for every SNG - see the Party Poker menu: Game Rules and Options -> Auto email SNG Summaries.

      Alternatively, when you get the email you can copy&paste the contents, starting with "You requested a transcript of Tournament #1234", into a plain text document and save it to be imported manually.

    • Cereus

      Cereus will email you the hand history for tournaments and this includes summary information if you request it after the tournament has finished.

      In the Cereus lobby choose My Account > Hand History > Request Hand History via Email...

      Click here for information on configuring email imports.

    • OnGame

      OnGame specify the total buy-in amount (buy-in and rake combined) but not finish or prize info.

      To fill in the remaining information enter it manually (see below).

    • Everest

      Everest hand history files include position and prize information, but not buy-ins which will need to be entered manually (see below).

    • 888

      888 write a brief summary file with the buy-in and your finish position and prize, but no opponent information.

  • Entering results manually

    If your site does not provide full entry, results or prize information which can be automatically imported or detected by PT3 then you will need to enter the summary information into PT3 manually.

    To do this go to the Tournaments menu in PT3 and choose either Enter Holdem Results or  Enter Omaha Results.

    Select the tournament that you wish to update and change the information required.
    Note that you need to click the Save button in the appropriate upper or lower section of the window after you have updated information for each tournament or player.