Creating A New Database in PokerTracker 4

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
August 16, 2021
  • Adding A New Database

    With PokerTracker 4 Open, click Database and select Database Management

    Creating A New PokerTracker 4 Database

    When the "Database Management" window pops up, click New

    Database Management PokerTracker 4

    You can leave the default name (which uses the current date and time) or specify your own name if you prefer.

    Create A New PT4 Database

    The "Name" field is the name which PokerTracker 4 uses and the "Database" in PostgreSQL Server Information is the name of the actual PostgreSQL database.  They do not need to be the same but you will probably find it easier to keep track of things if you keep them the same.

    Server, User, Port and Password are the four pieces of information needed to connect to a PostgreSQL server. In most cases the default information will not need to be changed. These boxes will be automatically populated, as shown here. This information will only need to be altered if you utilize a remote PostgreSQL server or are running PokerTracker within a virtual machine. If you are using a virtual machine, such as VMWare Fusion or Parallels Desktop, we strongly recommend running PostgreSQL in the host operating system, which may necessitate changing the Server entry to the local IP address of your host operating system if you do not already have the defaults configured in this fashion. For more information on configuring PostgreSQL to allow remote connections please see our tutorial on networking a PostgreSQL database.

    Click Create to create the database.

    Your new database is now available from the "Database Management" window.

  • Linking To An Existing Database

    If you have an existing PokerTracker 4 database which is no longer available in PokerTracker 4 (either because it was removed, or you had a problem with your configuration) and you want to re-link to it, follow these steps:

    • From the PokerTracker 4 menu go to Database > Database Management.
    • Click New.
    • Click the blue Browse Databases link and select the database that you want to link to.
    Linking A Database In PT4
    • The This Database already exists option should be ticked automatically after you select a database, but if not then tick it.
    • If you want to refer to this database in PokerTracker 4 using a different name, set that in the Name field.
    • Click Create.
  • Using The New Database

    If you want to use the new database as your main database, you need to set it to be the Active and Default database.

    • The Active database is the one that is currently being used for imports and shown in the main reports.
    • The Default database is the one that is set to Active when you launch PokerTracker 4.
    Select your new database from the list of databases and click on the two buttons highlighted below:
    Active And Default Database In PT4
    If you want to use the HUD to show stats from the newly created database then you need to add it to the HUD Options.
    Tip!  If the database is configured for Auto Import then it will be used by the HUD by default, unless you have explicitly selected another database(s).
    If you have configured Auto Import to import to specific databases (other than "Current Active Database") and you want to Auto Import to your new database then you will need to update the Databases section of the Auto Import Preferences too.