Database Housekeeping

PokerTracker 4 version 4.x
January 5, 2022
PokerTracker 4
  • Introduction

    Over time as new hands are imported and your database grows, your database performance can degrade.  If you notice importing of hands has slowed down or reports are loading slower than they once were then it's time to perform a full database housekeeping to ensure your database is operating at it's peak performance!

  • How to Perform a Full Housekeeping

    In PokerTracker, via the file menu, go to Database -> Database Management.  Click the 'Housekeeping' button and run the following in this order:

    1. Tune PostgreSQL (This is only available on Windows and only needs completed one time forever.  If this step fails, you can safely skip to step #2)
    2. Reindex
    3. Cluster
    4. Vacuum/Analyze

    Tip!  Housekeeping is only performed on the 'active' database.  To perform housekeeping on all database, select another database, click 'Set Active' then re-run through the housekeeping steps #2-4.

  • Post Housekeeping

    After you have completed a full database houskeeping, it is a good idea to run through the 'Setup Assistant' to import any existing hand histories.  In PokerTracker, via the file menu, go to Tools -> Setup Assistant.  Click 'Next' to strep through each section.  At the end, all of your existing hand histories will be imported and archived to your "Processed Files" directory.


    Congratulations, your database and PokerTracker should now be operating at peak efficiency for your computer and databas size!