PokerTracker 4 Premium Add-Ons (For Developers)

PokerTracker 4 version 4.10.x
November 8, 2017
  • Overview

    Premium Add-Ons are now available in PokerTracker as of the version 4.10 release. Premium Add-Ons provide a way to create customizations such as HUD Profiles, Statistics and Reports that are protected to prevent users from modifying or sharing your Add-On with others.  Premium Add-Ons are installed automatically to the user’s registered PokerTracker 4 client. Any changes to the Premium Add-On are immediately pushed out to all users.  Only pre-approved Premium Add-On Developers can access the tools needed to publish and protect a Premium Add-On, PokerTracker management reserves the right to chose which developers will be accepted into or removed from the Premium Add-On Developer Program. 

    • How It Works
      1. Apply for permission to become a Premium Add-On Developer.
      2. Create custom content that you wish to sell or share to the PokerTracker 4 Community as a Premium Add-On.
      3. Upload your custom Add-On content to and mark it as 'Restricted'.
      4. Define the default permissions that that you wish to grant to the users who will receive your Add-On.
      5. Add users (customers) by linking each user's email address and the last six characters of their PokerTracker 4 registration code to the Premium Add-On, and assign any permission overrides if necessary.
      6. When the user restarts PokerTracker 4 the Premium Add-On will automatically be downloaded and installed with the configured permissions.
    • Premium Add-On Protection Availability

      As of the PokerTracker version 4.11 release, the following content is available for protection:

      • HUD Profiles
      • Custom Statistics
      • Custom Reports
      • Custom Themes

      The following content cannot be protected at this time but will be available in an upcoming release of PokerTracker 4:

      • NoteTracker AutoNotes
      • Quick Filters
    • PokerTracker Store (Coming Soon)

      In the coming months, we will be updating the PokerTracker store to allow Premium Add-Ons to be sold to the entire PokerTracker user base.  All approved Premium Add-Ons must be listed for sale in the upcoming PokerTracker store.  After you are accepted into the PokerTracker Premium Add-On program, approved Developers will be notified via email once the PokerTracker store's relaunch is ready.

      Premium Add-On content will not be available via until the PokerTracker store relaunch is complete.  Until that time, we suggest selling Add-Ons via your own website or other channels.  

      To assure market parity when the store becomes available, Developers will be required to offer the lowest advertised price for all Premium Add-Ons sold within the PokerTracker Store.

  • How to Apply

    To apply for the ability to become a PokerTracker Premium Add-On Developer, please email with the email subject “PokerTracker 4 Premium Add-On Developer Application”.  In your email, please provide the following information:

    1. Your registered user account.
    2. State whether you wish to apply to become a PokerTracker Premium Add-On Developer as an individual or business and provide a mailing address and phone number.  If you are applying as a business, please provide the business name.
    3. The URL to your website where you will be providing PokerTracker Premium Add-Ons.
    4. A brief description about yourself or the business.
    5. Provide a brief description about the type of premium add-on’s that you will be providing.

    Once we receive your application, we will typically reply within two business days.

  • Creating a Custom Add-On

    After your application has been approved and your account has been granted access to provide Premium Add-On content, you are ready to begin uploading your Add-On(s) to to securely provide to PokerTracker 4 users (customers) by following these basic steps:

    1. Sign into your account and go to Products -> Download Warehouse -> Share Your Add-On.
    2. Upload your Add-On to the Download Warehouse and then check the ‘Restricted’ box located at the bottom of the form. 

    Note: This option is only available to accounts approved for the PokerTracker Premium Add-On program.  See How to Apply.

    1. When the ‘Restricted’ box is checked, the following protection options will be displayed which will act as defaults for your Add-On users:
      1. Trial Length:   If you are selling your premium add-on, this option gives you the ability to provide trials to users. 

      Note: You are not required to sell your Premium Add-On, you may choose to give the Premium Add-On away to users for free; it is your prerogative.

      1. Permissions:  Granular control is provided for each permission available to be granted to the user.  By default, each option is disabled or prohibited.  Checking any permission grants the user the ability to perform that action.
      2. Stake Restriction Groups – Add groups of stakes which can then be assigned to a user. As an example, you can create a small stakes group to only allow users under a certain a specific stakes group to be allowed to use the Add-On.
    2. Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the form. 

    Your Add-On is now securely protected.  The next step is to link your users’ registration codes to the Restricted Add-On to grant them access.

  • Changing an Existing Add-On

    To change an existing Add-On, go to the Products -> Download Warehouse -> Share Your Add-On page which lists all of the Add-Ons that you are currently sharing.  Locate the Add-On that you wish to modify then click the  icon on the right-hand side.

    Any saved changes to the Add-On will automatically be pushed out to all of the users that you have assigned to the Add-On the next time that these users start PokerTracker 4. If the user has the permission to alter or customize the Premium Add-On, then any alterations made by the user will be deleted if the Add-On is updated by the Developer.  Since user changes made to your Add-On will be deleted when an existing add-on is updated, we advise that you plan accordingly to assure that these changes will not affect your users.

    • Changing an Add-on’s Default Permissions

      An Add-On’s default permissions may be updated.  If you change the Add-On’s default permissions, it will update all of the default permissions for every existing user; however, if you overrode a user permission for specific users, that override will continue to exist regardless of the changes made to the Add-On’s default permissions.

    • Changing an Add-on’s Stake Restriction Groups

      An Add-On’s stake restriction group’s values can be modified and saved; however, any existing user already assigned to the stake restriction group will keep the stake restriction value at the point in time that the user was assigned to the group.  If you wish to modify the user’s stake restriction group then you will need to edit each user to assign the new stake restrictions.

    • Deleting an Add-on’s Stake Restriction Group

      Add-On’s stake restriction groups can be deleted; however, any existing user already assigned to the stake restriction group will keep the stake restriction value.  If you wish to modify the user’s stake restriction group then you will need to edit each user to select a new stake restriction group.

  • Managing Users

    To manage users who have been granted access to your premium add-on, go to Products -> Download Warehouse -> Share Your Add-On page which lists all of the Add-Ons that you are currently sharing.  On the right-hand side of the page, there are three clickable icons.  Click the  icon to go to the User Management page for the selected Add-On.  The User Management page displays the current Add-On that is being managed at the top followed by a list of users’ registration codes which have been linked to the Add-On.

    • Adding a New User

      In order for users to obtain access to your premium add-on, you will need to link the user’s registration code to the Add-On.  Via the User Management page for the Add-On, click the ‘ADD USER’ button to go the form to link your user to the Add-On.

      The following sections are on the add user page:

      1. User Details: In order to link a user's registration code to an Add-On, you must supply the email address used by that user to register PokerTracker 4 along with the last six characters of the user’s registration code.  The user's registered email address and the last six characters of their registration code can be located in PokerTracker 4 by clicking Help -> About.  If the user's email address and the last six characters of their registration code are not visible in this form, please ask the user to upgrade to the latest version of PokerTracker 4 before proceeding.
      2. Trial Information: If you entered a default “Trial Length” when creating your Add-On then a “Trial?” checkbox will be located here.  To enable the user as a trial account, check the box and a trial length field will be displayed and pre-populated with the default value entered for the Add-On.  If you wish to override the default trial length for this specific user you do can do so by entering a different value for the  number of days.
      3. User Permissions: A list of the available permissions for the Add-On pre-populated with the default values as configured when you created the Add-On.  You are able to override any permission for a user by toggling the checkbox next to the permission.  Any permissions which overrides the default values will display in bold text.
      4. User Stake Restrictions: A list of the available Stake Groups available for the add-on.  These stake groups were configured when you created the Add-On.  If the user should be restricted to no higher than a certain stake then select the group.  If no stake restrictions are selected, the user will be able to use the Add-On at all stakes.
    • Editing an Existing User

      If you need to change a user’s permissions, extend their trial or convert a user from a trial user to a paid user then you will need to edit that user.   Go to the User Management page for the Add-On and locate the user you intend to edit.  On the right hand side, click the  icon to go to the Edit User page.

      • Modifying a User’s Permissions

        Via the Edit User page, toggle the permissions which you want to change then click ‘Save’.  Any permission that overrides the Add-On’s default permissions will be displayed in bold.

      • Changing a User’s Stake Restrictions

        Via the Edit User page, select a new restriction level or ‘None’ if there should be no stake restrictions then click the ‘Save’ button.

      • Converting a Trial User to Paid

        There are two methods to converting a trial user to a paid user.

        1. Via the User Management page, locate the user via their email address and registration code.  On the right-hand side of the user row, click the gray  icon.  The icon will turn green  to indicate that the user is now a paid user.
        2. Alternately, you can convert a trial user to a paid user by clicking the  icon on the User Management page next to the user to edit the user. On the Edit User page then toggle the ‘Switch to Paid’ checkbox under ‘Access Details’ and then click the ‘Save’ button.
      • Extending a Trial Period

        To extend a trial for a user, via the User Management page, click the  icon to edit the user to go to the users Edit User’page.  Under ‘Access Details’, locate the field named ‘Trial Extension’ and enter the number of days that you wish to extend the trial.  The trial extension in number of days will be added to the current trial expiration or if the current trial has expired, it will provide them with the extended trial immediately.

  • Removing a User

    If you remove a user from your Add-On, it will prevent that user from using your Add-On after they have previously been granted access.  Once a user is removed from the Add-On, they will no longer have access to your Add-On. This will take effect the immediately after one of the following occurs:

    1. The next time that they start PokerTracker 4 while connected to the Internet
    2. After seven days from the last time that they started PokerTracker 4 while connected to the Internet

    To remove a user, via the Add-On’s User Management page, locate the user and on the right-hand side of the row click the  icon.  You will be prompted to ensure that you want to remove the selected user.  Click the ‘Remove’ button and the user will be removed and no longer have access to the Add-On.

  • Premium Custom Stats & Custom Columns

    Premium Add-On Developers should be aware that any custom stats or custom columns must have have unique custom column names that are not at risk of conflicting with other third party custom columns or custom stat names created by the user community or other Premium Add-On Developers.

    We advise adding a prefix to the name of all custom columns and stats to lower the risk of possibility of conflicting names.  For example if your Premium Add-On product name was LASVEGASHUD and this product contained custom stats and columns, then the prefix for the name of each custom stat or column could be "lvh_".  This development standard has the side effect of making it easier to find all custom stats or columns associated with your Premium Add-On.