Preferred Seating

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 25, 2013
PokerTracker 4
  • Overview


    Some poker sites allow you to specify which seat you want to sit in, and always rotate the players so that you are shown in the same position.
    If you use this option you need to configure PokerTracker 4 to know about your preferred seat for each site and table size, this is necessary so PokerTracker 4 knows where to place your HUD at the table, the HUD placement is always relative to your seat. Preferred seating for each site can be configured in PokerTracker 4 by using the Setup Assistant, or through manual site configuration
    Please consult the specific Site Configuration instructions to define your preferred seat.
  • Preferred Seating

    The seating numbers change when setting preferred seats for the HUD.  For most sites, seat 1 is in the top right corner, and the numbers go clockwise around the table.  Here is an example numeric seating for a 9max table:

    full ring seating PT4

    And here is a 6max table:

    6 max seating pt4

    These seating position numbers are true for most sites, please consult the PokerTracker Site Configuration Guide for the site you are configuring to confirm.  It's important to know which seat you sit at so PokerTracker 4 can always place your HUD correctly when you sit down at a table.

    Below are some of the more common sites that use different seating rules and an explaination of each:

    Merge: The first seat is at the far left, in the 9 o'clock position or just above:


    Ongame: The first seat starts just above 9 o'clock

    Ongame Seating Chart

    • Troubleshooting

      When you have enabled the preferred seating option, the stats at your table may not move to the correct positions until you have played and imported at least one fully played out hand.

      Until this point PokerTracker 4 can not know you are seated at the table, therefore it does not know to use the preferred seat settings.  If you join a table and the view rotates to put you in your preferred seat you should not move the HUD, PokerTracker 4 will automate this placement for you after your first played hand is imported. 

      If you have enabled preferred seating options and imported a played hand but the stats still don't move to the correct positions, the main reasons are these:

      1. PokerTracker 4 may not have recognized the size of the table correctly. You can identify this problem by looking at the Overview > Sessions report in PokerTracker 4 (click 'Refresh') to determine if the session is correctly listed as "6-max", or whatever the correct table size is in your scenario.  The majority of poker sites are not affected by this issue, but there are some that remain where ther number of seats at the table are not provided in the hand history.  If you are affected by this issue, you should enable 'Automatically Apply Treat As' option in Configure > Site & Import Options > Preferences. This will enable PokerTracker 4 to attempt to determine what size table you are playing at based on the number of players involved, if PokerTracker 4 cannot determine the table size, you can manually set the Treat As setting for each table from the PT4 HUD menu while playing. 
      2. If the stats still don't line up correctly, then you should disable preferred seating in both your poker client and PokerTracker4, then play a session on a single table (or observe a table if your site supports observed hands) to manually position the stats to the correct places for all seats in their 'natural' positions. Unlock the table's HUD positioning from the PT4 HUD menu by selecting "Unlock", then reposition the on table HUD groups to your liking.  When you are finished return to the HUD menu and select "Lock & Save Layout".  Once the positioning is verified, re-enable preferred seating in both your poker site and PokerTracker 4. From now on, your HUD positioning should line up correctly once you start playing at this table type.


    • Sit Me Here

      Some poker sites have a "Sit Me Here" option which allows you to choose a separate seat at each table.  Sit Me Here is not supported in PokerTracker 4 because it is not possible to determine where you are at each individual table, only site-wide preferred seating is supported in PokerTracker 4.