Ignition Configuration Guide (Bovada/Bodog)

PokerTracker 4 version 4.15.4
August 27, 2018
  • Overview

    The Ignition poker software does not save hand histories as you play, but PokerTracker 4 has an optional Hand Grabber App which generates hand histories.

    PokerTracker 4 can import hand histories generated by the Ignition Hand Grabber App and store them in your database for review and analysis, and to provide a Heads Up Display (HUD) on your Ignition tables as you play.

    This guide is intended for users who wish to manually configure PokerTracker 4 to import hand histories from Ignition; alternatively you may choose to use the automated Setup Assistant.
    For general information on the initial setup of PokerTracker 4 please consult the PokerTracker 4 Quick Start Guide.

    PokerTracker uses the name "Ignition" to include all skins using the Ignition software - currently Ignition, Bovada and Bodog.

    Note: Hands can only be correctly grabbed when the App is already running when a table is opened.

    Please ensure that you run PT4 before you join Ignition tables.

  • Configuring Ignition in PokerTracker 4

    Please refer to the Ignition Hand Grabber App Guide for details of how to set up the hand grabber.  Hands need to be being generated as you play for auto import and the Hud to work, and without PokerTracker's Ignition Hand Grabber App this will not happen.
    The Ignition software needs to be installed in English for full PokerTracker support, but no other changes are required.

    Ignition now appears as a separate site in PokerTracker 4 (v4.15.4 onwards) and when the Ignition Hand Grabber App is running the hands can be imported automatically as you play, which also allows the Hud to be displayed on your tables.

    The simplest way to configure Ignition is to run through the Setup Assistant, which can be accessed from the PT4 menu Tools > Setup Assistant.  Make sure that Ignition is switched to YES on the Select Sites page, and then click through the steps.  The hand history folder will be detected automatically, and all you need to do manually is configure your preferred seat settings to match those you have in the Ignition software.

    Alternatively you can go to Configure > Sites & Import Options > Ignition and turn on the 'Get Hands From Site While Playing' option.

    The import folder will be detected automatically when the app is installed.

    Note: It is possible to change the directory which PT4 monitors for hand histories by clicking the ellipsis (three dots) button, but this will not affect where they are being saved to by the hand grabber app, so it should not normally be changed.  The directory can be reset to the correct path by clicking the Auto Detect button.

    If you use preferred seating in your Ignition software then select the appropriate table sizes in turn, and select the same seat that you use in the Ignition software.

  • Manual Import of Ignition Hand Histories
    • Importing Grabbed Hands

      If Play Poker > Get Hands While Playing was not used while playing the hand histories generated by the Ignition Hand Grabber App(*) can be imported later either by starting Get Hands While Playing, or by running the Setup Assistant from the Tools menu.  Any hand history files which weren't previously imported will be processed at this time.

      (*) The Ignition Hand Grabber App needs to be running before you start playing in order for hand histories to be generated.  If PT4 (and therefore the app) is not running while you play, no hand histories will be generated.

    • Importing Downloaded Hands

      The Ignition software allows you to download hand history files for hands that you play after 24 hours have elapsed, for about 1 week.

      These hand histories include the hole cards of all players, and if you import them into PT4 (even after importing grabbed hands) all of the hole card information will be available for analysis.

      To do this click on Account in the Ignition lobby; go to the Hand History page and choose Game Transactions.  Select your game type and the period you want to view.  On the right you will see buttons to allow you to download each session you played.

      The files will be downloaded to a "Hand History" folder within your Ignition skin's installation folder.  By default this will be something like C:\<skin name>\Hand History.

      To import these files into PokerTracker 4 go to the Play Poker tab and click Get Hands From Disk.  You can either choose to import from files in which case you will select the files that you want to import, or from a directory in which case any files in that directory or any sub-directory will be imported.

      Tip!  If you do this regularly you may build up a large number of hand history files and importing the whole directory could take some time, so you may wish to move the files to a different directory after you have imported them; for example moving them to a new folder in the 'Processed' folder alongside the hand history files which PT4 has auto-imported.  You can access this 'Processed' folder via the PT4 menu File > Open User Data Folder.