Windows Installer Does Not Run

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
March 6, 2015

Table of Contents

PokerTracker 4
  • Overview

    On rare occasion PokerTracker's support team have discovered a scenario that can occur where the PokerTracker 4 installer does not run when double clicked.  This is not a bug, it is caused by the operating system incorrectly assuming that the user needs to be protected from the contents of the installer after the file was downloaded via Internet Explorer with the incorrect file settings.

    This guide was written to help users in this rare situation solve the problem without the need to consult with Windows experts or PokerTracker Support Representatives.

  • Security: Unblock

    If the PokerTracker 4 Microsoft Windows installation file does not run, it may be caused by problems conflicting between the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer while IE is not operating within the "Trusted" zone.  All files downloaded via IE are tagged as Zone = Internet.  For a file to be opened locally, it needs to be Zone = Trusted.

    To resolve this problem, first restart your computer.  Then right click the PokerTracker 4 installer file, and choose Property.  Under the General tab, look at the Security section located on the bottom of this tab.  If the button to the right says Unblock, click on this button to stop the Windows OS from blocking the file from running.  Click OK, then run the installer.  

    Installer Never Runs