Configuring Reports

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 8, 2019
  • Overview

    PokerTracker 4 comes with plenty of built-in reports, but allows you to customize reports with ease.  To begin configuring reports you can right click any area that populates information and select Configure Report.  This will bring up the Configure Report window which gives a full range of statistics and options to customize your report.

    Configure PokerTracker 4 Reports

  • Configure Reports

    The Configure Reports window allows you to add, delete, and organize the statistics on a given report.  This window can seem a little intimidating at first, so let's break down each section:

    Adding PT4 Stats

    1. This area allows you to look for statistics to add to your report.  The statistics are organized by popular categories, such as "Preflop" and "My Currency", which makes finding stats an easy process.  If you already know which stat you are looking for, use the Search box right underneath.
    2. This section tells you which stats are currently on the report, along with a description of each stat.  
    3. Here you can tick Show Custom Stats Only, which only shows statistics which you have created yourself.  Or you can tick Show Essential Stats Only which shows the most common statistics used in PokerTracker 4.  
    4. The Restore to Default button will restore the original statistics and positions of those statistics for the report.  
    5. The up and down buttons allow you to position the stats for this report. 

    Whenever you are done customizing your report, click OK to save your work, and then click Refresh in the upper-right hand corner.

    Refresh PT4

    • Adding Statistics

      It is very easy to add stats to a given report.  Along the left you have a list of statistic categories which you can look through.  You can also use the search box below if you know exactly what you are looking for.  Once you've found your statistic, double click it and it will be added to the report on the right side.  In the example below we searched for "3bet", double clicked "3Bet Preflop", and it was immediately added to the report.  

      3bet PT4 Stats

      Once you are finished, push OK to save your work.

    • Deleting Statistics

      To delete a statistic from a given report simply double click the stat from the report on the right side. Please note that removing certain statistics may cause a certain report to function incorrectly, so it is recommended that you NOT remove a statistic if this window pops up. 

      Dont Delete Stats PT4

      Once you are finished, push OK to save your work.

    • Organizing Statistics

      Moving and organizing the stats in your report is very easy.  Simply select the stat you wish to move, and then use the arrows in the bottom right corner to move it.  Say you want to move the BB/100 stat above Real Hours Stake.  Start by selecting BB/100...

      Moving Stats 1

      Then tick the up arrow twice...

      Moving Stats 2

      And now it's positioned correctly!  Do this for all of your stats until you are satisfied and push OK to save your work.

  • Exporting Reports

    You can export any PokerTracker 4 report to a .CSV file.  Simply right-click any report you wish to export and click Export Report.

    Export PT4 Report

    Then select where you want PT4 to save the .CSV file and push Save.