Creating My Reports

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 8, 2019
  • Overview

    Customized reports may be the single most powerful tool in PokerTracker 4. "My Reports" allow you to create any type of report using pre-defined or custom statistics that you have created. Choose the stats that are displayed, the order that they are displayed in, custom filtering, and much more.  As each stat is added, the data within the report will be automatically refreshed, allowing you to see the changes you make to the report immediately as they occur. 

    My Reports can be accessed by going to the View Stats page and clicking My Reports.  This is separately available for both Cash Games and Tournaments.

    My Reports PT4

  • Creating A Report

    To start creating a report, click New Report along the left.

    New Report

    This brings up the Report Wizard window.  From here you will have three options, Player Report, All Players Report, and Hand Report.  A Player Report shows data organized per player in your database.  All Players Reports shows a single row for each player in your database.  A Hand Report pulls up poker hands that meet your filtered criteria.  Make your selection, title your report along the top, and choose either Next or Finish.  You may also choose to select Add Common Stats to Report which will add basic stats that are commonly used to the report when you finish.

    Report Wizard

    • Player Report

      If you create a Player Report, after you click  Next you can then choose how the report is grouped.  For instance, if you choose to group by Player, then each row in the report will contain information about a single player.  If you choose Position, each row in the report will contain information per position.  And so on.  Once you've made your selection, click Finish to begin customizing your report.

      Player Report PT4

      When you create a Player Report, the default report will only consist of the active player.  To run the report against your entire database, click on Filters (these only filter this specific report) > Add New Expression Filters and uncheck Filter on Active Player.  You could also decide to create an All Players Report instead.  

      Filter Active Player PT4

    • Report Stats

      The Report Stats show all the stats currently on your report.  To add extra stats, go below to the Available Stats and double click the stats of your choosing.  To remove a stat from your report, simply double click the stat you wish to remove.  To change the order of the stats, select the stat you wish to move and use the black up/down arrows below.

      report stats

      Once you've made any changes, click Refresh in the upper right hand corner to ensure the report reflects your changes.  

    • Available Statistics

      Along the left you will see the Available Stats that you can use to customize the report.  This includes both the default built-in stats as well as any custom stats you may have added.  You may also search for any stats of your choosing by using the search bar.  The image below on the left shows the available stats organized by general category, and the image on the right shows what searching for "3bet" gives you.  

      available stats 3bet stats

      To add a stat to the report, simply double click it and it will be added to the Report Stats above.

      adding stats

    • Filters

      Filters allow you to filter your report on any existing column or statistic.  Filter expressions must be a conditional comparison and can be as simple as a single stat or multiple stat comparisons.   Report Filters will be saved with the report, when a report filter is saved then the Global Filters found using the standard "More Filters..." button will not function within the report.  When there are no Report Filters enabled, any Global Filters you have selected will remain in effect. 

      Edit PT4 Report

      From this window you have two options:

      Add New Simple Filters

      You can add basic filters here.  For more information on building these filters, please consult the PT4 Filters Tutorial.  This is the recommended option for filtering reports, and should be used in the vast majority of situations. 

      Add New Expression Filters

      For more complex filters, you should use this option.  From here you can insert statistics, columns, and operators to create filters. 

      Creating Advanced Poker Filters

      If the report should be filtered for the active player, then the Filter on Active Player option should be checked. If the report should run for all players, then this option should be unchecked.

      Additionally PokerTracker 4 provides two other filtering options for advanced users who wish to add their own filter expressions using the actual stat columns in the database.  This advanced feature exists to augment custom stat creation, it requires extensive knowledge of the PokerTracker 4 database schema, support for custom filter expression creation is outside of the scope of this tutorial. 


      To assist in creating an expression, you can click the Insert link which will open a window that contains a list of all of the available columns and statistics that can be used to filter the report on. Columns are used to map database fields for easy access when calculating stats. 


      After you have built the filter expression, make sure to validate it to confirm that it is valid. This can be done by clicking the Validate link. If the expression is not valid, the filter cannot be saved.

      Once you are finished, click Save to save your changes.  

    • Sorting

      Your custom report can be sorted by any statistic that has been selected and is contained in the report. You can sort on one or multiple statistics. To choose the stat(s) that you would like to sort the report on, select the statistic in the left column and click the green plus button. To remove a statistic, select it in the right window and click the red X.  If sorting by multiple stats, you can adjust the sort order priority be selecting the stat and moving it up or down via click on the up/down arrows. You can also change the sort order for each statistic to be ascending or descending by double clicking the method next to the stat.

      Sorting Reports PT4

      Click OK to save your changes.

    • Advanced

      For advanced users, click Advanced for even more filtering options.  In this area, you may Insert and validate filters to designate colors per row. Has Summary must be selected if you want the report you are configuring to contain a summary/footer row.

      Advanced Options

  • Saving Reports

    Once you are finished customizing your report, click the save button.  This will allow you to select your report from the report drop-down menu in the future.

    Saving Reports

  • Deleting Reports

    You can easily delete the current report by clicking the red delete button.  Please note that your work will be unrecoverable once deleted.

    Delete Reports

  • Importing & Exporting Reports

    The third button that looks like a disk brings up a variety of options.  Let's review them below:

    importing pt4 reports

    Import:  This allows you to import reports from friends, the PokerTracker 4 repository, etc.  Just click this button, locate the report on your computer, and click Open.    

    Export:  You can export the current report in order to share or backup.  Just click Export to save the report as a .pt4rpt file and note the location on your computer.  

    Convert to X:  Here you can convert your report to the other game type, so you can convert a tournament report to a cash game report, and vice versa.  

    Duplicate Report:  Click this to duplicate the report.  This is useful when creating multiple reports with similar stats and filters.