Currency Guide

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 8, 2019
  • Overview

    PokerTracker 4 allows you to track your online poker play in any currency. This guide explains how PokerTracker handles sessions played in different currencies, how you convert these to a global currency of your choice, and how to see your winnings in your own (or another) currency.

    Because online poker rooms allow players to play in a multitude of currencies, PokerTracker addresses this issue by parsing the hand histories played in any currency which it displays using the Game Currency prefix.  The Game Currency is the actual currency played in-game as reported by the hand history, therefore no further adjustments are required.  PokerTracker can be further customized to display the winnings in the native currency or converted into a global currency that is defined as a preference, this preferred currency is displayed using the "My C" prefix when reporting anything related to the currency preference such as size of the pot, amount of the blinds or winnings.  The game stake in PokerTracker 4 is actually a text field, therefore it will not be affected by the My Currency preferences - the game stake is populated from the original Game Currency (unless otherwise modified by the player using the Adjust Stakes feature). 

  • Introduction to PokerTracker 4's Currency Feature

    PokerTracker 4 records your session played in any currency and then labels the limit description with the appropriate currency symbol. A no-limit Holdem session played at .50/1 dollar blinds would be labeled as “$1 NL”, while a session played at .50/1 euro blinds would be labeled as “€1 NL”.

    • Difference Between "Game Currency" & "My Currency" Statistics

      To simplify the process of tracking and displaying currency information, PokerTracker 4 has created two currency statistics.  

      • Game Currency:  The game currency statistics show results in the currency natively played in.  So if you played at a €1/€2 table, all game currency winnings would be calculated in €.  Other stats like game currency rake taken, game currency per 100, etc. would also be calculated in €. 
      • My Currency:  This is the user-selected currency.  It uses historical daily bank conversion rates to precisely convert the native currency of certain statistics into the currency of your choosing.  So if you played at a $1/$2 table, and chose Euros as your my currency, all my currency staistics would be calculated in € using the bank conversion rate of the date you played that game.  Other stats like my currency rake taken, my currency per 100, etc. would also be calculated in your my currency setting. 

      PT4 Currency Example

      In the example above, 41 hands were played at a $1/$2 PL table (the stake is just a text field, and thus any changes made to your my currency will not effect the listed stake)  The Game Currency Won, or Won, lists the table winnings of $37.60.  But if we set My Currency to Euro, the My Currency Won, or My C Won, is listed as €29.76 after being converted from USD into EUR.  The conversion is done using the bank rate from the exact day this session was played to ensure precise results.

  • Configuration
    • Configuring "My Currency"

      The first step of using PokerTracker 4’s powerful currency functionality is to configure your My Currency preference. You can open the Currency window by clicking the Database menu and then selecting Currency. To define the My Currency preference for the active player, choose your default currency from the drop-down list at the top left of the window and push Save

      Changing My PT4 Currency

      Upon setting your My Currency, the My Currency Won statistic (and other My Currency XYZ statistics) will now display the amount won converted at the current exchange rate for future sessions. If your poker account is the same as the game currency that you play in, this will give you an indication of the real monetary value of each session were you to withdraw your winnings from your poker account into your own currency, barring any currency conversion calculations that the online poker room cashier may make which PokerTracker cannot account for.

      Again, making the above change will only affect sessions you play in the future.  To convert the currency of previously played sessions and hands, please read the sections below.

    • Setting the Automatic Conversion Rate

      To get an accurate estimation of the value of each session, you need to set the conversion rate. This allows you to set the currency conversion rate for each session by automatically using historical conversion rates, or manually using rates that you enter which are manually provided by your online poker room’s cashier.

      PT4 Automatic Currency Conversion

      We recommend that you use Automatically use the historical daily rates unless you have exact conversion rate data available.  You can select multiple sessions using SHIFT-Click (Win & Mac) to select a range, CTRL-Click (Win) or CMD-Click (Mac) to select individual rows, and apply rate changes to all selected sessions at once. 

      Example: To apply historical conversion rates to each session from the day they were played, select the active player from the bottom (if it isn't already selected) and click the first session, and then scroll down and shift-click the final session. Select Automatically use the historical daily rates and click Set Rates. This will read the historical conversion rate from each day that you played and apply the appropriate rate to each session automatically.

    • Setting a Single Rate for Multiple Sessions

      If you know the exchange rate used for certain sessions, or if you cash out winnings from a certain period at a known exchange rate, then you have the option to manually apply that rate to the relevant sessions.

      To apply a single fixed rate to the selected sessions:

      1. Select the active player if it's not already correct
      2. Select the specific session or range of sessions you wish to alter using CTRL-Click (Win), CMD-Click (Mac) or Shift-Click (Win & Mac)
      3. Select Use the fixed rates specified below and enter the conversion rate you want to use for each currency
      4. Click Set Rates to manually alter the exchange rate. The exchange rate will remain manually adjusted for the selected sessions unless you change them later

      Manually Change Currency PT4

  • Graphs

    The graph lines are able to be graphed in either BB or My Currency.  This includes lines for Amount Won, All-in Equity and Showdown/Non SD Winnings as well.  You can toggle them in the left side of the graphs page.  

    My Currency Setting PT4

    If Show Information Box or Show Stats are checked, the graph boxes display separate results for each currency you have played when the My Currency Won stat is included (which it is by default). To change which stats are shown in these boxes, click the appropriate blue Configure link, and customize the displayed stats.  

    My Currency Graph PT4

  • Common Multi-Currency Examples
    • 1 - Using the Current Exchange Rate

      When first using PokerTracker 4 you should set your My Currency to your own currency. As you play and import hands you can use the My Currency stats to show the current value of your wins in your own currency. This ensures the use of the most current exchange rates.

    • 2 - Using Historical Exchange Rates

      You can get an accurate valuation of your wins by selecting all sessions in the Currency window, selecting Automatically use the historical daily rates, and clicking Set Rates. This will apply historic rates to each session from the day they were played. The valuation defined when using the Automatic Rates setting is derived from the daily published international bank exchange guidelines, and may not in fact be the rate provided by the online poker room’s cashier. Please contact the customer support department for your preferred online poker room to verify how their exchange rates are calculated to determine if the Automatic Rates system will work best for your needs without manual modification.

      (Note: For larger databases this can take a considerable amount of time.  Please allow PokerTracker 4 to fully finish making the currency changes for optimal results)

    • 3 - Manually Adjusting Conversion Rates

      If you want to update the exchange rate for a session with the exchange rate reported by your online poker room's cashier, you can update the rate used. In the Currency window select the appropriate session(s) and select Use the fixed rates specified below. Update the rate for the appropriate currency with your corrected value and click Set Rates to save.

      Adjust Poker Currency Rates

      (Note: This process can take awhile to complete, especially for larger sessions.  Please allow PokerTracker 4 to complete the currency conversion for optimal results)

    • 4 - Using Currency Statistics in Reports

      You can add currency stats to any report.  Simply right-click any report area and go to Configure Report.

      Configure PT4 Reports

      Use the search to look for either Game Currency or My Currency statistics.  Double click any stats that you want to add to your report, order them, click OK to save your settings and then refresh the report.   Here are the lists of each:

      my currency statistics game currency statistics
  • How to Fix Incorrect Conversion Rates

    On some rare occasions PokerTracker 4 may not be able to download the current bank rates from the internet, when this occurs any sessions imported during this time frame will be converted at a rate of "-1".   When this happens winning hands and sessions will appear to be looses, and losing hands or sessions will appear to be wins in your database.

    To verify the conversion rate used for each session, you can use the Currency Exchange Rate report, this is found under View Stats > Results > Currency Exchange Rate. If the session shows an exchange rate of -1, then you can confirm that PokerTracker 4 could not download the daily bank rate for currency calculation. 

    Exchange Rate

    To solve this issue:

    1. Use the Currency Exchange Rate report to determine which sessions were affected by the problem.
    2. Open the Currency Configuration window and select the sessions that need to be revised in the report below.  You may use SHIFT-Click to select a range, or to modify that range you can use CTRL-Click (Win) or COMMAND-Click (Mac OS X).
    3. Verify that Automatically Use Historical Daily Rates is selected, then click Set Rates.  The conversion rate will be downloaded and your My Currency winnings will be automatically adjusted to respect the new conversion rate.