PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 8, 2019
  • Overview

    The replayer in PokerTracker 4 offers lots of customization and replay options to enhance your post-session analysis.  This guide is going to review using, customizing, and controlling your replayer to get the most from this powerful tool.

  • Using the Replayer

    To bring up the replayer at anytime, simply right-click any hand(s) from a report and go to Replay Hand(s) or Replay All Hands in Report.

    replay hands in pokertracker 4

    If you have it configured, you can double click any hand to instantly bring up the replayer.  To configure this, right-click a report and go to Configure Double-Click > Opens Hand Replayer.

    configure double click PT4

    Once the replayer is open, you can control the playback speed, to automatically play the hand, whether to show the hud, etc.

    • Replayer Basics

      Let's review the basic layout of the PokerTracker 4 replayer.

      replayer basics in PT4

      In the upper left corner you see the hand you are currently replaying.  If you are replaying a group of hands, you will have the option to change the current hand.

      The two buttons to the left of Options allow you to update the tag and notes of the current hand.

      The Options menu allows you to change a number of replayer properties, such as showing known hole cards, showing the hud, showing stack sizes in big blinds, launching the Equity Calculator with prepopulated information, and masking the player names.

      replayer options PT 4

      To the right of Options you can change the replayer speed.  

      The bottom left box shows dealer and chat information for the current hand.

      The bottom right allows you to control the replayer.  From here you can play the hand, go to a specific street, move one action forward/backward, and move one hand foward/backward (when replaying multiple hands).

    • Replayer Key Shortcuts

      With the replayer open you can navigate within the hand or even between hands by using these keyboard shortcuts to control the replayer. The list of keyboard shortcuts can be found by viewing the Options > Navigation menu in the replayer.

      Windows Keyboard Shortcuts:

      • Previous Hand (CTRL+LEFT)
      • Next Hand (CTRL+RIGHT)
      • Previous Hand Played (SHIFT+LEFT)
      • Next Hand Played (SHIFT+RIGHT)
      • First Hand (CTRL+HOME)
      • Last Hand (CTRL+END)
      • Rewind (LEFT)
      • Forward (RIGHT)
      • Beginning of Hand (UP)
      • End of Hand (DOWN)


      Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts:

      • Previous Hand (CMD+LEFT)
      • Next Hand (CMD+RIGHT)
      • Previous Hand Played (SHIFT+LEFT)
      • Next Hand Played (SHIFT+RIGHT)
      • First Hand (CMD+UP)
      • Last Hand (CMD+DOWN)
      • Backward (LEFT)
      • Forward (RIGHT)
      • Beginning of Hand (UP)
      • End of Hand (DOWN)
    • Replaying a Session, SNG, or Tournament

      Replaying a session or tournament in PokerTracker 4 is very simple.  First start by finding your session/tournament.  In cash games you can do this by going to View Stats > $ > Results > By Session.  If you played multiple tables during a session and only want to review a single table, you will need to drill down into the specific session.

      replay a session PT4

      To find a tournament go to View Stats > T > Results > By Tournament

      replay tournament PT4

      Then organize all hands by date, with the earliest date at the top so that the session is played in order.  If all of your hands aren't showing up make sure that you don't have any filters or tags selected and consider turning "Most Recent X Hands" to "All Hands".

      Sort hands by date in poker tracker 4

      Now right click the report and go to Replay All Hands in Report.

      replay a full SNG in poker tracker 4

      This will bring up the replayer which now has every hand from your session or tournament loaded.  You can also click the drop-down menu in the upper-left which will show your hole cards in each hand and the final pot size.

      replaying a whole tournament PT4


      For more help, please review this convenient video which shows how to filter a date range, then replay all hands played on that date. 


  • Customizing the Replayer

    The PokerTracker 4 replayer has some themes built in, but you can also customize your replayer theme!  To do this, go to Configure > Themes.

    configure replayer themes

    From the Configure Themes window go to the Replayer page.  Here you see your available themes along the left.  Select one to see a preview of the theme to the right.

    choose a different replayer theme

    Once you've chosen a theme you like, select it and click Make Active.  You can also explore other PokerTracker 4 themes by clicking the blue Download New Themes link.  If you wish to install any theme from the download warehouse, download it to your computer and then click Install New Theme.  When you are done choosing your theme, click OK to save your choices.    

    If you are interested in creating your own replayer theme, see our theme customization guide.

  • Replayer Videos

    You also have the option to export hands/sessions from the replayer to video.  When replaying a hand, just go to Options > Export Hand To Video.  When replaying multiple hands you can choose to Export Current Hand to Video or Export All Hands to Video.  

    export replayed hand to video

    From this window you can change some basic options such as masking hero's username and masking villain usernames.  And since the video will automatically play the hand, you can choose how long the action will be delayed in seconds.  Along the top you can also choose the video name and where you want to save the video on your computer by clicking the disk icon.

    PT4 Video Hand Export Options

    You may also decide to share the video directly to YouTube.  To do this, click the blue Configure my YouTube Account link and enter your username and password.  Then check Upload to YouTube and enter the title, description, and any keywords for the video.  

    Upload PT4 Video to YouTube

    • Playing WebM Videos

      PokerTracker 4 saves these videos in WebM format.  WebM is an open-source project managed by Google and can be read about here.  There are three simple options for replaying WebM formatted videos on your local computer:

      1)  Install VLC.  This is a dedicated video replaying tool that plays most video formats, including WebM
      2) Windows users can play WebM files in the Windows Media Player.  To do this you must first install the free WebM/VP8 DirectShow Filters, this is the codec that supports WebM in Windows Media Player.
      Play PT4 video in Windows Media Player
      3) WebM format is native inside of Google's Chrome Web Browser.  Just open the Chrome Web Browser and drag the video file in
      WebM formatted videos uploaded to YouTube are visible on all currently known mobile platforms.