PokerTracker 3 support ends in…has reached its End-Of-Life

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Questions & Answers

What does the PokerTracker 3 End-of-Life mean?

PokerTracker will reach it’s “End-of-Life” on July 31, 2014; this is two years after the release of our current release PokerTracker 4. When a PokerTracker version reaches the End-of-Life, it means that this version is considered obsolete, the necessary software updates to assure online poker site compliance are no longer offered, and personalized technical support is no longer provided. In order to continue receiving critical upgrades released periodically to assure you are compatible with all updates released by the online sites supported by PokerTracker, you will need to upgrade to PokerTracker 4.

Does my upgrade discount from PokerTracker 3 to PokerTracker 4 expire?

Yes. Your upgrade discounts from PokerTracker 3 to PokerTracker 4 will expire when PokerTracker 3 reaches it's “End-Of-Life” on July 31, 2014. Make sure that you upgrade to PokerTracker 4 before this date to continue to receive software updates to ensure that PokerTracker works properly on the site and/or network that you play on!

Why are my upgrade discounts not listed above?

In order for us to determine which upgrade discounts that you are eligible to receive, you must first be signed into your account and your PokerTracker 3 purchase must be linked to your account. If your upgrade discount is not listed on the left hand side at the top of this page, then please use the “Search For PokerTracker 4 Upgrade Discounts” form above to locate your PokerTracker 3 order. Your PokerTracker 3 order must be linked to your account before any available upgrade discounts can be displayed.

Why are no upgrade discounts listed after I search for them?

If you cannot find your upgrade discount or if you need assistance, please contact us via the support system and provide as much information about your PokerTracker 3 purchase that you can remember.

Please include your:

  1. Full Name
  2. Any email address that you may have used when you purchased PokerTracker 3
  3. PokerTracker 3 version purchase (Holdem, Holdem Small Stakes, Omaha, etc.)
  4. Payment method that you used to purchase PokerTracker 3
  5. Approximate date that you purchased PokerTracker 3

We will then attempt to locate your PokerTracker 3 purchase and corresponding upgrade discount(s) to PokerTracker 4 and notify you once we have more information. Act now, July 31st is the deadline to complete your upgrade to PokerTracker 4 while earning the discount for being an existing PokerTracker 3 owner.

How much is my upgrade discount? How is it determined?

  • If you purchased PokerTracker 3 on or after June 10, 2011, then you will receive an equivalent version upgrade to PokerTracker 4 for free.
  • If you purchased PokerTracker 3 before June 10, 2011, then you will receive a 40% discount on an equivalent version upgrade to PokerTracker 4. This special discount offer will end on July 31st, 2014 when PokerTracker 3 reaches End-of-Life*.

To apply your discount, please add the version of PokerTracker 4 you wish to purchase and proceed through checkout, the discount process will be automated for you based on the purchase date of your existing PokerTracker 3 license. If you earn a free upgrade to PokerTracker 4 then you must complete the upgrade purchase, but no payment will be required.

* Please note that if you earned a special site restricted registration from one of our third party marketing partners, then you are not eligible for an upgrade discount unless the "Site Unlock" upgrade was purchased. Players who purchased the "Site Unlock" upgrade will be eligible for a 30%-40% discount dependent on the purchase date.