TableNinja II — The Next Generation of Effortlessly Playing Multiple Tables

Whether you play two tables or twenty-four, TableNinja will empower you to better perform while playing online poker by giving you the time-saving features that help you to make the best decisions.

TableNinja will simplify and accelerate every aspect of your multitabling online poker experience. The application will automatically open tables, managing wait lists, compute bet sizes in Big Blinds, manage sit-n-go registration, handle your time bank, provide hotkeys, and so much more.

Betting Hotkeys & Default Bets

Reduce bet-sizing misclicks and errors

TableNinja II is configured to bet 3x the big blind plus an additional big blind for each limper.
The calculated size of the bet is then automatically set.
For this specific example: (3 * (bb=0.02)) + (1bb * 1 limper) = 0.08

TableNinja makes the in-game decision process for efficient by adding default bet size hotkeys. Avoid mis-clicks and speed up your play by using hotkeys to bet percentages of the pot, call, fold, or go all-in.

This innovative feature allows you to create a keyboard hotkey for betting a pre-defined portion of the pot, a pre-defined number of Big Blinds, or a combination of both options.

Each betting hotkey can be defined for a specific street; Preflop, Flop, Turn and River. For example, you can create your own hotkeys to bet 2.5 Big Blind Preflop, 70% of the pot on the Flop, 50% of the pot on the turn and 33% of the pot on the River - all with the click of the keyboard.

The Preset Bet function can automatically populate a pre-defined bet size when it is your turn to act at a table without you needing to press a hotkey, this is a great time saving feature for massive multitablers.

Ninja Tile

Speed up your poker game


Ninja Tile is an innovative window tiling solution built into TableNinja that lets you stay on top of every hand no matter how many tables you play. Ninja Tile will stack all preflop tables awaiting action in the top left of the screen, then if you decide to play the hand by betting, raising or calling Ninja Tile will move that hand into one of the tiled slots while action is taking place.

Ninja Tile allows you to concentrate only on the tables that have important action. Tables remain in the tiled window view until the hand is completed, at which point it moves to the bottom of the stacked Windows awaiting the next action.

Ninja Vision

See what you have been missing!

NinjaVision lets you stay on top of every hand no matter how many tables you play. This new visual aid combines the best of both worlds by creating a hybrid solution that provides the benefits gained from tiling tables and stacking tables. Ninja Vision provides a tiled live overview of all your tables on your monitor, while the actual tables remain stacked.You can easily cycle between the stacked tables by selecting them within the Ninja Vision tiled live overview.

Multitablers who have traditionally chosen to stack tables find this method effective because it is easiest to focus on just the current hand that requires your attention, however you cannot keep an eye on the other tables in key hands when you choose to stack tables. Multitablers who tile windows can see all the action on every table, but it means all the tables are very small and hard to see which can increase the possibility of errors in-game.

Multitabling Stats

Display real time multitabling stats


TableNinja's Display Tab allows you to overlay and configure very useful multitabling live stats to compliment your HUD. You can choose the color and size of the information and its position on the table.

TableNinja Multitable Stats Display:

  • Stack Size in BB in NL Cash Games
  • Stack Size in BB for NL Tournaments
  • M in NL Tournaments (PokerStars only)
  • Table number
  • Number of secs elapsed since the table became active
  • Display the number of the next table that requires focus
  • Total number of tables waiting
  • Display limper information

SNG Sensei

Auto registers and seats you at PokerStars Sit N' Go Tables

TableNinja’s SNG Sensei allows multitablers to focus on the game, instead of the registration process. SNG Sensei can take care of the repetitive job of registering for Sit N' Gos at PokerStars by automating this task for you.

To use SNG Sensei, define the PokerStars SNG lobby filters to only show the games and stakes you want to play in the PokerStars Lobby, then return to SNG Sensei to assign a descriptive name for this filter and determine the maximum number of SNG's you want to play for each game type.

Click “Start”, and let TableNinja take care of your SNG table management, so you can focus on winning.

Supported Poker Sites

Support For The Largest Poker Rooms Around the World

TableNinja is designed to support the largest online poker rooms around the world:

  • Borgata Poker (NJ)
  • 888 (Tournaments Only)

Beta Support:

  • iPoker Network

Video Demo

Four Minute TableNinja II Video Demonstration