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Tournament M4

Postby seanage » Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:04 am

Hi everyone

I've been using the Tournament M4 HUD for a while now and very powerful it is too.

One of the most important stats in a sng is pfr - as well as shoving PF and call PF All-In.

These are crucial reads to help with the correct decisions.

A few questions:

1) How does the positional stat work in the pop-up? Eg. How does PT decide a players position EP, MP, as the table becomes shorthanded? So, if the table is 6-handed is the UTG player counted as EP or MP? - if the game started as 9-man? I guess LP is always CO & BTN?

2) PFR from the blinds - is this both SB and BB?

3) In general, as a sng progresses, players pfr changes. This is reflected in the M-Zone stats, or perhaps by checking the "this blind level only" box in the HUD config - although that might take a while to converge. So my question is - what's the best stat to use to get a read on a players range? General PFR, by position, by blind level, M-Zone?

4) How can you use Call PF All-In stats - do you somehow average all the players between you and the BB?- weighted in some way for BB, SB, others? What do various stats tell you about how to play? I mean, tight, average, loose?

5) Similarly, how do you know which hands to call a shove with based on M-Zone stats?

6) I probably don't use enough of the stats to be honest - what other stats do people use frequently that really help them?

Thanks for your time!

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Re: Tournament M4

Postby WhiteRider » Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:34 am

For future reference, please post PT3 questions in the PT3 section of the forum. PAHud is a separate application which only works with PT2.

1. See the tutorial: Statistic Properties for information on how the positions are defined.

2. If you using the position all version of PFR for the blinds, then it is both blinds, yes.

3-6. I'm not really a tournament player so I can't answer these ones, but you might get a better discussion somewhere like the Strategy forums on 2+2.
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