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Your PokerTracker 4 database has perfect recall and can remember hands and stats that you’ve totally forgotten, making this a unique advantage over playing without a tracker, or even while playing online.
Understanding The Online Player Pool - Bluff Magazine
James Sweeney - Bluff Magazine
October 28, 2013
The big software news of the week came not from the online poker rooms themselves, but from third-party clients, with the shock merger of PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager, the two giants in the poker tracking space. The new company plans to continue both the PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager software lines. Staff, management and the intellectual property will be combined. The merger will increase the company’s “ability to reinvest in innovation and improvements,” a company spokesperson stated. Next generation products—PT5 and HM3—are in the works from both teams, and developments on the cloud front are also expected.
Nick Jones
Software Snapshots - PokerFuse
August 24, 2014