PTO 1.13.06 Patch Released

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PTO 1.13.06 Patch Released

Postby ptrack mike » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:34 am

Hello All,

Here is the latest official PTO patch: ... wnload.php
NOTE: Make sure you download and install the PATCH, which is the SECOND "Download Now!" link from that page, or your program will become unregistered.

Fixes in this patch:
-PokerStars added "USD" in the game level of each hand history which causes incorrect game level descriptions to be added to PTO.
If you have any game levels that have "USD" in the description then you will need to merge these into the correct level or else you will start having problems. To do this use the menu and select Utilities > Database Maintenance and Options. Go to the Misc. tab and use the Change Game Level... button. After you convert a game level to the correct level you should delete the level if it is still listed on that tab.
Another option correct your data: use the Utilities > Database Maintenance and Options window to purge these sessions with the wrong game levels and then reimport your hand histories with this latest patch.
-Full Tilt - Mac Bootcamp users still cannot import FTP hands and get an error referring PT2Utils.dll. For now you will have to use one of the workarounds we made available earlier:
1. After you are done playing, close FTP and open each hand history file in Notepad. From the menu select File > Save As... At
the bottom of the screen change the Encoding to ANSI and save the file replacing the existing one. Do this for each file before importing.
2. See this thread for a more automatic solution, but keep in mind the program mentioned was written by someone else not
affiliated with PT.
Also, you will need to use the Generic auto-import window for FTP hands if you have the error mentioned above.
-Absolute/Cereus - some tournament hands were having import errors like "No dealer line found..." and "Error finding player who posted small blind...".
-Boss Media - Boss added "5000000" to the beginning of their game numbers for some reason.
-Absolute/Cereus - added support for the new ante tables.
-Full Tilt - corrected misc. Unexpected Action errors on ante games.
-OnGame/PokerRoom - format change, they added a rake taken line that was not allowing hands to be imported.
-Cereus - format change, they added a letter in front of their game number in their hand histories.
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