How To: Remove PostgreSQL Password

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How To: Remove PostgreSQL Password

Postby prajna » Fri May 09, 2008 6:37 pm

Here are the steps for removing password requirements when querying your PostgreSQL server locally (don't worry, passwords are still required for server access from anywhere besides your local computer).

This will solve most problems converting PokerTracker Holdem v2 databases to PokerTracker 3, including incorrect password problems, and allow you to use PostgreSQL if you do not know the password.

  • In PostgreSQL 8.3 go Start > Programs > PostgreSQL > Configuration Files > Edit pg_hba.conf (see image below).
    In Vista or Windows 7, you have to edit pg_hba.conf in Administrator mode or the save will fail (right click the file and select Run as Administrator).
  • In PostgreSQL 8.4 you need to open the file manually in Notepad.
    In Vista or Windows 7 you must run Notepad in administrator mode. Click Start and type "notepad" into the search box. Right click "notepad" and choose Run As Administrator.
    In Notepad open the following file (Notepad menu File > Open):
    c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\8.4\data\pg_hba.conf

    Tip! Because it is not a .txt file you will need to make sure that "All Files" is selected instead of "Text Documents".

Scroll to the bottom of the document and in both places you see the word 'md5', replace it with 'trust'.
Save and exit.

Then go Start -> Programs -> PostgreSQL -> Reload Configurations

This will allow you to access the database without any password.

~ Thomas
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