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Add support for Ignition, Bovada & Bodog to PokerTracker
Native Site Support
The hand grabber enables native site support for Ignition, Bovada and Bodog Poker. Played hands are imported into PokerTracker, as Ignition hands, allowing for you to review the hands and display a Session HUD directly on your poker tables.
Extensive Game Type Support
No-Limit Holdem and Omaha cash games are fully supported with a session HUD. Sit N' Go and tournament support along with advanced tournament detection!
Track & Review Zone Poker Hands
Import your downloaded Zone Poker hands directly into PokerTracker for tracking and review. (Due to Zone Poker being anonymous and switching tables after each hand, a HUD cannot be displayed)
Zero Configuration
The hand grabber seamlessly integrates into PokerTracker and requires no setup or configuration.
Add the Free Beta Hand Grabber to your PokerTracker license to begin using PokerTracker while you play on Ignition, Bovada or Bodog!
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