No Longer Supported

PokerTracker 3

PokerTracker 3 is no longer supported. For the most up-to-date features and support, please try the more modern PokerTracker 4 (PT4).

Ring Games & Tournaments

Track your ring game and tournament play on multiple poker sites. Do you have an account on many different poker sites? No problem, PokerTracker™ will allow you to import hand histories from each site and store them in the same database. Don't worry if your screen names are not the same either, PokerTracker™ has a way to let you to combine the stats from multiple sites.

View Starting Hands

Track your starting hands and with the various hand combinations see how many times you

  • See the flop
  • Raise
  • Win money
  • And a lot more!

Track Your Play

Track everything you do, find leaks in your game, see how much you've made with each hand, how many times you've made a royal flush.. you name it!

Track by...

  • Position
  • Session, tournament
  • Best & Worst hands
  • Hand Results

Head-Up Display (HUD)

Display your opponents statistics directly on your poker tables for quick in game analysis. Make better decisions while you play based on your opponents past history.

Customize the HUD for your own play. You can view every statistic imaginable directly on the table via the HUD. Place the stats in whatever order or position that you prefer by simply right-click and dragging to a new location!


Visualize your results, render detailed graphs for a single session or all of your sessions!

Table Selection

Track down the best tables available before you start your poker session to maximize your income. TableTracker will find you the tables with the weakest opponents and you can search on several sites simultaneously.

Replay Your Hands

Graphically replay your hands individually or replay entire sessions or even entire tournaments.