Profitable table selection made easy.

Table Selection

Cross-Reference Your Database To Find The Best Tables

The TableTracker add-on service for PokerTracker is the ultimate table selection tool, it helps you find the potentially most profitable tables to help increase your win rate. PokerTracker’s servers are constantly scanning the most popular poker sites and networks, monitoring who is playing along with the tables, games, and sites they are active on. TableTracker pulls this information from the cloud and then correlates information found in your personal database to display stats for each player at the table.

The selected tables and players are listed in an easy to read layout which includes player and table average statistics along with highlights for selected "buddies" so that you can quickly select the ideal tables to sit at.

Table Scoring

Only Sit In The Best Games

TableTracker uses a scoring system that cross-references your personal database to help you determine how good a table may be.

  • Score potential players and tables using TableTracker's defaults or create your own scoring system to track down the best tables
  • Configure the report to compare the table score with any stats you add to optimize table selection without leaving the application
  • Create filters to highlight the best tables and/or hide the more difficult tables

Open Tables*

Open Tables From Within PokerTracker 4

There is no need to open the poker room lobby to find the table you have selected to play at, with select poker sites and networks you can open the table from within TableTracker. TableTracker searches our servers for the info you need to get accurate search results within seconds, ensuring that you are able to join the table before the targeted table changes.

* Table opening is only available on Windows and is not available on MacOS due to operating system restrictions.

High Performance

Speed, Accuracy, and Reliability

Unlike other table selection software that requires you to open each site and then wait a few minutes for the scan to complete all the while losing precious time; TableTracker provides accurate search results within seconds to ensure that you are able to join the table before the bad players leave or go bust.

Supported Sites & Networks

TableTracker Supported Sites

Visit the PokerTracker supported sites list
for automated table opening support
  • iPoker Network
  • Microgaming Network
  • OnGame Network
  • PokerStars, PokerStars.IT, PokerStars.FR,
    PokerStars.ES & PokerStars.PT
  • Revolution Gaming Network

The One Add-On Tool You Must Have

Try TableTracker for FREE!

We believe so strongly in TableTracker's ability to help you find the potentially most profitable tables that we will give you *25 complimentary TableTracker searches* when you purchase PokerTracker 4, no strings attached. You are free to start or stop your TableTracker subscription at any time for any reason, TableTracker will be there for you once again if you decide to continue your subscription in the future. Try TableTracker today, you are just 60 seconds away from finding profitable tables faster than ever before!