Hand Replayer video export -sneak preview

October 2, 2011 - 2:06pm by 0 comments

Don't you just hate playing out of position?  PokerTracker 4's next generation tools make it easier than ever before to share your tough spots, bad beats, suckouts, and huge pots with the world by exporting the hand replayer to video. 

We hope you enjoy this sneak peak at what the public beta of PokerTracker 4's video export.  These features are still in development, and therefore are subject to change.  The Replayer and Deck Themes are being refined; there are many Themes available in PokerTracker 4 for you to choose from.  To see the true beauty of the replayer, be sure to watch the video in 720p HD.

We need your feedback to make sure our developers are meeting your needs.  If you have any recommendations or constructive criticism, please let us know!


​​This video is representative of an development version of PokerTracker.
Features shown within are subject to change without notice.
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