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Ben Lamb will not only be representing the PokerTracker brand, he will also play an instrumental role in helping us fine tune the soon to be released PokerTracker 4 for online poker players across the globe by joining our Alpha testing team.

PokerTracker 4 Video Previews Available Now:

LAS VEGAS, NV (Marketwire - November 5, 2011) PokerTracker announced that is proud to sponsor the 2011 World Series of Poker Player of the year, Ben “Benba” Lamb. In addition to wearing the PokerTracker logo at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table starting November 6, 2011, Lamb will provide consulting services for the soon to be released PokerTracker 4 to assure that the online poker software tool meets the standards required by poker players.

Ben Lamb’s WSOP earnings to date total $2,157,249. Lamb earned his first WSOP bracelet in this year’s $10k Pot Limit Omaha World Championship and has twelve WSOP cashes over the past 5 years. Lamb also earned the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year honor, where in addition to starting the Main Event Final Table 5th in chips and garnering the $10k PLO World Championship, he also finished 2nd in the $3k Pot Limit Omaha event, 8th in the $50k Poker Players Championship, and 12th in the $10k No Limit 6-Handed World Championship.

Every successful poker player knows that poker is a game of skill. PokerTracker is a tool that skillful players use for post-game analysis while simplifying in-game evaluation of opponents at the virtual felt. PokerTracker has continued to be the mainstay for poker statistical analytics software for ten years amidst the uncertain legal status of online poker in the United States. PokerTracker’s users from other countries continue to enjoy the ability to legally play online poker in places such as the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Spain. As a U.S. citizen, Lamb is unable to play online poker in the country of his birth, but this union will allow PokerTracker to capitalize on Lamb’s years of experience as a winning professional poker player at both live and online play. Lamb will help to enhance the fourth version of this popular poker software tool so that PokerTracker can continue to gain an edge over the competition.

About PokerTracker Software LLC

PokerTracker Software, LLC is the premier developer of online poker software tools and is considered the leading innovator in the field of statistical poker analysis. In addition to the first commercially available tracker for online poker play, the developers of PokerTracker created the commonly used statistics referenced regularly on poker TV shows such as “Voluntarily Put Money in Pot,” “Pre Flop Raise” and “Aggression Frequency.” The company’s founders also created the PokerAce Heads-Up Display, the first successful tool to provide real-time opponent information to online poker players.


PokerTracker management team with Ben Lamb

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