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PokerTracker 4 Video Previews Available Now


June 13, 2011 - PokerTracker has been used by hundreds of thousands of poker players worldwide to analyze their play and improve their skills while enjoying online poker games of Texas Holdem and Omaha.  PokerTracker’s Windows® and Apple OS X® cross platform products support every major online poker site or network worldwide, and they are the premiere analytical tools used by both serious poker professionals and casual amateurs. PokerTracker extensively understands the skill component of poker and the benefits gleaned from its well designed analytical software, and it has issued free licenses of its products to qualified academics to assist in their research of the skill aspects of poker. Every successful poker player knows that poker is a game of skill and therefore deserves the same legal considerations given to other sports and competitions in the United States. Amidst the uncertain legal status of online poker in the United States and growing cries for taxation, licensing and regulation, PokerTracker’s products - with ten years of statistical evidence - are in a prime position to substantiate the status of poker as a game of skill. PokerTracker’s analytical products have been used as astonishingly effective assessment tools for game and player integrity, and the use of PokerTracker software to analyze suspicious win rates was instrumental in uncovering the well-publicized cheating scandals at Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker.


PokerTracker 4 Design and Philosophy

PokerTracker 4 is the newest version of the suite of poker software tools that track, analyze and help improve a user’s online poker game. It is the single most important piece of online poker software that every player must have in order to be successful. PokerTracker imports the hand histories that online poker sites write to the user’s computer, and then it parses and stores that information into a local database. Customers can then view their information in a user-friendly format to explore nearly every possible angle of both the user’s and his/her opponents’ poker game to help determine optimal playing decisions. With proper use, PokerTracker may turn even the most technologically challenged losing online poker player into a feared and respected opponent with enormous potential upside.

Extensive poker player usability research has led to a new application interface and Heads-Up Display (HUD) profiles redesigned from the ground up to simplify the online playing experience. This new generation of PokerTracker, affectionately referred to as PT4, will retain the raw power of customizable statistics and reports while being simple enough to use out of the box. The developers of PT4 believe that tracking software should augment, but never interfere with, the user’s playing experience - the interface and HUD are crisp, clean and without clutter while maintaining a vast amount of data available at the touch of a player’s fingertips.


Players spoke, PokerTracker listened.

PokerTracker 4 is the result of collaboration between its developers and the online poker player community that has given constant feedback throughout its ten-year history. Without the support of its loyal users, PokerTracker would not be where it is today. PokerTracker has listened to and considered each user’s request and has implemented nearly every reasonable design suggestion that positively affects the greatest portion of its user base.


PT4 Features


  • Available for Texas Holdem and Omaha, with support for No-Limit, Limit or Pot-Limit betting structures for Cash Ring Games, Sit ‘N Gos and Multi-Table Tournaments
  • The most popular features from third party software package sold by PokerTracker competitors have been incorporated into PT4 at no additional cost. There are no additional downloads needed - everything is built directly into the application
  • PT4 features were designed based on the input of real-life users. Players spoke, PokerTracker listened and intends to deliver the features and tools that online poker players really need
  • NEW: Vector HUD Engine frees screen clutter at all table sizes
  • NEW: NoteTracker automated note system
  • NEW: Drag and drop HUD Profile Editor
  • NEW: Street by street hand equities displayed at showdown
  • NEW: Big Blind per player stack size counts
  • NEW: Player Table-Session stat display
  • NEW:  Multiple default HUD profiles to choose from using the HUD selection wizard
Reports, Graphs and Replayer
  • NEW: Powerful and fully customizable multi-layer reporting system allows filtering of data by double clicking to drill down to new report layers
  • NEW: Switch between Basic and Advanced reports for in-depth analysis 
  • NEW: Zoomable graphs simplify the filtering of corresponding hand listings
  • NEW: Quickfilters available within every report
  • NEW: Money Flow Chart to see how winnings are passed between players
  • NEW: Find statistical anomalies with the Global Player Scatter Graph
  • NEW: Visualize statistics using the Holdem Hand Range Visualizer
  • NEW: LeakTracker statistical range analysis helps plug poker leaks
  • NEW: New graphs and reports that show data previously only available with the purchase of third-party add-ons
Usability Features
  • NEW: Tournament tracking is easier than ever during import with PT4’s advanced tournament auto-detect engine
  • NEW: Redesigned replayer with social networking functions, featuring YouTube video export
  • NEW: ICM analysis and Quizzes featuring hand range and player modelling editors
  • NEW: Extensive video help guides included to flatten the learning curve for new users
  • NEW: Database maintenance is performed on the fly during hand importing - manual maintenance is no longer required
  • NEW: Personalize the look of the HUD, reports, Replayer and ICM via PokerTracker Themes
  • NEW: Redesigned Global Filters featuring hand range selection for both Holdem and Omaha games
A PokerTracker 4 preview video is available immediately for viewing at PokerTracker has scheduled weekly sneak-preview videos that highlight features of the upcoming application. PT4 is expected to enter public beta-testing late in the third quarter, with commercial sales slated for fourth quarter 2011.


About PokerTracker Software LLC

PokerTracker Software, LLC is the premier developer of online poker software tools and is considered the leading innovator in the field of statistical poker analysis. In addition to the first commercially available tracker for online poker play, the developers of PokerTracker created the commonly used statistics referenced regularly on poker TV shows such as “Voluntarily Put Money in Pot,” “Pre Flop Raise” and “Aggression Frequency.” The company’s founders also created “PokerAce,” the first commercially available Heads-Up Display. The PokerAce Heads-Up Display, commonly referred to as PokerAce HUD or simply PAHUD, was the first successful tool to provide real-time opponent information to online poker players.

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