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June 6, 2011 - 4:17pm by 0 comments

We cannot take all the credit for developing the next generation of PokerTracker ourselves, it takes a community of poker players that give us constant feedback, and without you we would not be what we are today.   The old saying is true; the squeaky wheel does get the oil.  We have been listening to your requests, slowly but surely we have implemented nearly every request that was possible within our time restrictions. 

One of the most common complaints about PokerTracker 3 was the replayer.  Although we had the best of intentions when it was developed, some players didn’t like the way it looked and some coaches disliked its restrictive size because it was not helpful when making videos.   

Your complaints have not gone unnoticed, we have been slaving away to give you the most powerful replayer available to date.  Our next generation Replayer is fully customizable with downloadable Replayer and Deck Themes, or if you are the adventurous type you can create your own themes from scratch.  Every component of the replayer can be designed and positioned to your liking, have it your way! Are you recording your replayed hands for a coaching session? We have you covered! The next generation replayer is fully scalable to allow you to take up every inch of your screen or keep the replayer as small as 600x370.

Do you have a range of hands you want selected for review in the replayer? Shift-click to select the range, we have you covered. 

It is too early to show you all of the new the features available in the replayer, but we cannot help ourselves, we want to show you how beautiful the default Replayer Theme is, along with some of the built in Deck Themes you can chose from. 

The future of PokerTracker is sexy….  Come back soon for more sneak previews!


Rock Candy


​​Images are representitive of an development version of PokerTracker,
features shown within are subject to change without notice. 
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