Feature Preview Video #3 - Equity and ICM Calculators!

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Feature video #3 covers the complex topics of ICM and Equity analysis using PokerTracker 4's built in calculators, quizzes, hand range modeling, opponent modeling, and tournament structure creation.  Some of these topics may be a bit complex for casual tournament players, but players who conduct extensive tournament analysis will be floored by the inclusion of PT4's ICM tools.

All ICM and Equity calculation tools are built into PokerTracker 4 at no additional cost - The days of buying a third party app to evaluate ICM are over!  The key tools included in PT4 are listed below; do you like what you see?


Equity Calculator - Stand Alone & built into the replayer

  • Holdem, Omaha high & hi/low equity calculation
  • Import/Export of ranges & results
  • Holdem hand range tool featuring opponent range modeling

ICM Calculator - Stand Alone & built into replayer

  • Custom tournament structures
  • Self populating in replayer
  • Not limited to 10 players

Tournament Structure Editor

  • Flags for tournament speed, Shootout, DON, Bounty, Satellite, Steps, Fifty50, and other common formats

Hand Range Model Editor

  • Default models include Hand vs. 3 Randoms (PokerStove) and Sklansky-Karlson
  • A hand range model is a method weighting the % of hands selected in a hand range
  • Alter range model using Percentile in .05%-100% or Weight from 0 to 168

ICM Opponent Model Editor

  • Define your own opponent models for ICM calculation, or override the model using manual hand range selection
  • Incorporates the use of Hand Range Models
  • Graph points represent effective stack sizes to generate a curve that represents the model's actions at each position and # of players possible

ICM Quiz

  • Built in ICM situation trainer
  • Customizable quiz parameters including structure, # of hands, position, Hero's range, preferred seat, and # of players
  • Opponent models can be altered post-quiz to explore all possible lines


Development of PokerTracker 4 is a collaborative effort with the online poker community; we cannot deliver the world-class tracker you expect without your help.  

Do you like the direction we are going in with PokerTracker 4?  Please let us know!


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