Attention Former PokerTracker 4 Beta Testers: Time To Create A New Database

September 12, 2012 - 9:56pm by 15 comments

Were you part of the PokerTracker 4 Public Beta Test?  If so, then we greatly apreciate your help during the past seven months.  Now that we have released PokerTracker 4 commercially, we have a little word of advice for those Beta Testers; for the best performance we advise that you create a new database and then re-import your hands from the processed files folder at your convenience. You do not have to create a new database, but for optimal performance of speed and also results you should take our advice. 

Allthough it is an inconvenience, this recommendation is due to the many improvements made during the Beta test period that can only be implemented during the importing of hand histories. A re-import is not required to continue to use PokerTracker 4, but it is recommended.  If you create a new database and re-import your hands, then you can take advantage of the performance fixes that have been implemented and some key stat adjustments such as our new effective stack size calculations.

We apologize in advance for those who will be inconvenienced by the extra time needed to perform a re-import, but we can assure you that it will be a worthwhile investment in the performance of your PokerTracker 4 database in the long run.

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Please keep me in the loop! I'd love to be apart of the Beta Test! Jeremy @landscapers redding ca & aaa redding ca aaa

Thanks for the heads up, we got to update our database at
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I once created a database and its a waste of time.

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I would love to be part of beta testing some poker software and development!

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In terms of going to a new database, containing just your recent hands, there is certainly no harm in doing that. football games unblocked


Well, I actually love the new one. I got to play with it and it was totally just like the old one but with amazing updates. concrete contractors yuma az

Good to hear that. brain test games

I tried a few times but the error still exists.


I try to make it few times.
I create a new database and make it active/default.
Then i try import hands (export from old database was succesfull) and its always the same.
At begining it works and importing 40h/sec.

Then the speed of importing decreasing all time and after 3hours i had
imported about 30k hands and the speed was actually 1h/sec so its impossible to import a big database. I trying few times, making a new databases etc but its still the same and i cant figure what is the problem :(

did it.
works great.
thank you.

DONT DO IT. You'll waste 30+ hours and 1/2 to 2/3 of your hands won't be in the new database. I learned the hard way.

pt1000: This sounds like a user error that we could help you fix, I checked your support history but there is no mention of this problem.  Feel free to create a new support ticket, we can show you how to reclaim those missing hands - they are probably not missing at all, they just were not re-imported of the alias was not assigned. I promise you we will help, that is what our award winning support staff does day in and day out.. we help our users so they can focus on playing instead. 

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