PokerTracker and Gatekeeper (Mac Mountain Lion Update)

PokerTracker 3 version 3.X
October 25, 2013
  • Overview

    The new Mac update (Mountain Lion) can create some issues when users run PokerTracker 3.  Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper brings up a warning when certain software is installed/ran in an effort to protect Mac users, although we applaud this effort by Apple there is a temporary side effect for PokerTracker users.  In the event PokerTracker 3 is flagged by Gatekeeper, this quick tutorial will show you how to circumvent the warning.  

  • Installing PokerTracker 3 with OSX Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper

    As always, please make sure you have the latest version of Pokertracker 3 installed.  However, some users may encounter this error window when installing or opening PokerTracker 3:

    PT3 gatekeeper error

    If you do, please go back and open the installer by control+clicking it, and then selecting Open.

    install PT3 on mac mountain lion

    Once the installer launches, it must be re-launched due to Gateway's security protection.  This is ok and intended behavior.  Click OK and the installer will relaunch - and now you are ready to install!

    right click gatekeeper

    This will circumvent OSX's Gatekeeper service and allow you to install/run PokerTracker 3 without any issues.  Please note that Gatekeeper will only warn you a single time, so you should only need to follow these steps once.