Currency Guide

PokerTracker 3 version 3.10
October 25, 2013
  • Currency Overview

    PokerTracker 3 allows you to track your online poker play in any currency. This guide explains how PokerTracker handles sessions played in different currencies, how you convert these to a global currency of your choice, and how to see your winnings in your own (or another) currency.

    Because online poker rooms allow players to play in a multitude of currencies, PokerTracker addresses this issue by parsing the hand histories played in any currency and then displaying the numeric winnings in the Amount Wonstatistic. PokerTracker can be further customized to display the winnings in the native currency played or converted into a global currency that is defined as a preference.

    This guide assumes that you have already installed PokerTracker 3 and also that you already know how to import hand histories into PokerTracker and review sessions in the default PokerTracker reports. Additionally you will need to know how to customize PokerTracker’s built-in reports as shown in the  Tutorial: Configure Built-in Reports. If you need to review these tasks please see the PokerTracker 3: Quick Start Guide.

  • Before You Begin

    It is highly recommend that you create an account on the PokerTracker website. This will allow you to participate in forum discussions and get personalized help via the PokerTracker Support system. Registration for the website only takes a few minutes and will save you a lot of time when you need assistance. When you purchase PokerTracker 3, you will always be able to access your registration code quickly on the site via My Account -> Registration Codes.

    If you get stuck at any point or have questions while going through the steps provided in this guide, please contact us via the PokerTracker forums or the PokerTracker Support System and we will gladly be of assistance.

  • Introduction to PokerTracker's Currency Feature

    PokerTracker 3 records your session played in any currency and then labels the limit description with the appropriate currency symbol. A no-limit Holdem session played at .50/1 dollar blinds would be labeled as “$1 NL”, while a session played at .50/1 euro blinds would be labeled as “€1 NL”.

    • Difference Between "Amount Won" & "Amount Won (Global)" Statistics

      The Amount Won statistic displays the numeric amount won, and is always labeled in Dollars ($) irrespective of the currency the hand was played in. For example if you played two hands, and the first hand you played at a US Dollar currency table where you won $100 and the second hand was played at a Euros currency table where you won €100, then the Amount Won stat would display $100 for both hands (or summed together as $200).

      Amount Won Statistic

      To see the amount won displayed in the original currency, you can use the statistic Amount Won (Native). This shows the numeric amount won in the appropriate currency. The Amount Won (Native) statistic must be manually added to built-in reports in PokerTracker, it is not included by default because the majority of PokerTracker users only import hands in one currency. The summary totals of Amount Won (Native)currencies will always be displayed using the Global Currency preference as shown in the image below, this is done because it is not possible to summarize a total in multiple currencies.


      PokerTracker users who always play in the same currency without deviating from this currency have the option of continuing to use the Amount Won statistic which is found by default in all built-in reports. If instead you play games across an array of currency types or a currency other than your own you may be interested in seeing your results converted to your own currency.

      To see winnings converted you need to configure your "global" currency preference; this is the currency used by the Amount Won (Global) statistic. PokerTracker can automatically convert between the imported hand currency and the global currency using published daily bank conversion rates which are obtained through a direct feed on the internet. The next section will explain how to configure your Global Currency.

      For information on adding stats to the built-in reports, see the Tutorial for Configuring Built-In Reports.

  • Configuration
    • Configuring Your Global Currency

      The first step of using PokerTracker 3’s powerful currency functionality is to configure your Global Currency preference. You can open the Currency window by clicking the Configure menu and then select Configure Currency. To define your Global Currency preference, choose your default currency from the drop-down list at the top left of the window.


      Upon setting your Global Currency, the Amount Won (Global) statistic will now display the amount won converted to your global currency at the current exchange rate. If your poker account is in the “native” currency that you play in, this will give you an indication of the real monetary value of each session were you to withdraw your winnings from your poker account into your own currency, barring any currency conversion calculations that the online poker room cashier may make which PokerTracker cannot account for.

      To get a more accurate estimation of the value of each session, use the Session Adjust section of the Currency window, as described below.

    • Setting the Automatic Conversion Rate

      To get an accurate estimation of the value of each session, use the Session Adjust section of the Currency window. This allows you to set the currency conversion rate for each session by automatically using historical conversion rates, or manually using rates that you enter which are manually provided by your online poker room’s cashier.

      You can select multiple sessions using shift-click or control-click, and apply rate changes to all selected sessions at once. Holdem and Omaha sessions are converted separately; click the desired game tab to switch between the two.

      Example: To apply historical conversion rates to each session from the day they were played, select your own screen name from the Players list on the left-hand side (if it isn't already selected) and click the first session, and then scroll down and shift-click the final session. Select Automatic Rates from the Rate options on the right-hand side and click the Set Rate button. This will read the historical conversion rate from each day that you played and apply the appropriate rate to each session automatically.

    • Setting a Single Rate for Multiple Sessions

      If you know the exchange rate used for certain sessions, or if you cash out winnings from a certain period at a known exchange rate, then you have the option to manually apply that rate to the relevant sessions.

      To apply a single fixed rate to the selected sessions:

      1. Select the player name in the left-hand column.
      2. Select the specific session or range of sessions using Control-Click you wish to alter.
      3. Click the Fixed Rates button and enter the conversion rate you want to use for each currency.
      4. Click Set Rate to manually alter the exchange rate. The exchange rate will remain manually adjusted for the selected sessions unless the button for Automatic Rates is selected again.
  • Multi-Currency Best Use Examples
    • Example 1 – Using Current Exchange Rate

      When first using PokerTracker 3 you should set your Global Currency to your own currency. As you play and import hands you can use the Amount Won (Global) stat to show the current value of your wins in your own currency. This uses the current exchange rate at the time that you started PokerTracker 3.

    • Example 2 – Using Historical Exchange Rates

      You can get an accurate valuation of your wins by selecting all sessions in the Configure Currency window and applying Automatic Rates. This will apply historic rates to each session from the day they were played. The valuation defined when using the Automatic Rates setting is derived from the daily published international bank exchange guidelines, and may not in fact be the rate provided by the online poker room’s cashier. Please contact the customer support department for your preferred online poker room to verify how their exchange rates are calculated to determine if the Automatic Rates system will work best for your needs without manual modification.

    • Example 3 – Overriding Historical Rates

      If you want to update the automatic exchange rate for a session with the exchange rate reported by your online poker room's cashier, you can update the rate used. In the Configure Currency window select the appropriate session and click on Fixed Rates. Update the rate for the appropriate currency with your corrected value and click Set Rates to save.

    • Example 4 – Using Currency Statistics in Reports

      You can add the Amount Won (Global) and Amount Won (Native) stats to any report, as described in the Tutorial: Configure Built-in Reports.

      For instance, in the General -> Player Summary report will let you see the amount you won in each currency (using the "Native" stat) and the amount of real money you have won (using the "Global" stat) once you have chosen to add the respective stats to the report. The Sessions report will let you see the same values for individual sessions once the Amount Won (Global) and Amount Won (Native) stats have been added.

  • Graphing the Amount Won

    The main graph lines are always shown currency-converted to the defined Global Currency setting. The graph lines for Amount Won, All-in EV and Showdown/Non SD Winnings are always shown in your global currency.

    When Show Information Box is checked, the graph Information Box displays separate results for each currency you have played in when the Amount Won (Graph) stat is included (which it is by default). To change which stats are shown in the information box, click the blue Configure link next to the Show Information Box option; double click to select the stats you wish to add from the bottom frame, or double click stats in the top frame to remove the stats from the Information Box.


  • Caveats

    Currency conversion only applies to the statistics discussed in this guide. Other currency stats such as rake and MGR are not currency-converted. There is no currency conversion in the replayer or formatted hand history viewer. The original hand history file is always in the native currency that the hands were played in; the Global Currency will have no effect on the raw hand history file.

    The converted rate displayed by Amount Won (Global) may not be equal to the "real" daily (or per session) rate defined by your card room. PokerTracker derives the Automatic Rates from the daily published bank exchange rate data through an Internet feed. In the event that the card room's conversion rate does not match the published bank exchange rate, the session rates must be manually adjusted to the card room's conversion rate to be fully accurate.