Managing HUD Profiles

PokerTracker 3 version 3.10
October 25, 2013
  • Introduction

    PokerTracker 3 allows you to have multiple different HUD (Head Up Display) Profiles - each can have different HUD Groups with different stats and/or different positions on the tables.
    You can use different Profiles as the default on different site and table-size combinations.

    To work with HUD profiles, open the Configure HUD Profiles window.
    You can either use the PT3 menu Configure -> Configure HUD or from a table click the PT-icon -> Configure Statistics.

    Note: If you access 'Configure HUD Profiles' from a table your changes will only apply to the current table and not be saved after you close the window unless you explicitly save them by clicking PT-icon -> Save Layout.



    By default you have two profiles - one for cash tables and one for tournament tables.
    These are called "Cash - Default" and "Tournament - Default".


    Tip! For information on configuring individual Profiles please see the Tutorial: Managing HUD Groups.

    You may also find these links useful:
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    How To: Advanced HUD Configuration

  • Managing Profiles
    To manage profiles you use the Options button.
    From here you can create or delete profiles, as well as export and import individual profiles to and from files to share them with other PokerTracker 3 users.


    • New Profile

      Creates a new Profile with the default Groups ('Player Stats' shown on the table and 5 popup groups). You choose whether the Profile is for cash or tournament tables and give it a name.

      Tip! All profiles begin with either "Cash - " or "Tournament - ". You do not need to type this, it will be added automatically.



    • Duplicate Profile

      Creates a new Profile as a copy of the currently selected Profile. Again you choose whether the Profile is for cash or tournament tables and give it a name.

      Note: If you select a cash Profile and choose to duplicate it into a tournament Profile (or vice versa) then the exact configuration will be copied to the new Profile, including all statistic names, but the actual statistics themselves will not be created if they do not already exist. So if you created a custom stat which you use in your cash HUD you will need to manually recreate it as a tournament stat (and give it the same name) in order to see it in your new profile/layout, but it's name will be included in the new Profile as a placeholder.

    • Delete Profile

      Deletes the currently selected Profile. This action is permanent and cannot be undone, so you will be asked to confirm your choice.

    • Import Profile

      Allows you to import a Profile from a .pt3hud file. These files are generated by exporting a profile (see below) and you can import a Profile you previously exported or one that another PokerTracker 3 user has exported and shared with you.
      Browse to the file (if you are downloading a Profile from the internet, save it to your hard disk first and note the location) and click Open to import it.

    • Export Profile

      Allows you to export a Profile to a .pt3hud file to share with other PokerTracker 3 users or as a backup. Select a folder on your hard disk to store the Profile and click Save. You can keep a backup of this file in case you ever need to re-install PT3 or want to migrate to a new computer, or you can send it to another PokerTracker 3 user.

      Note: Exported Profiles include all the Custom Statistic information used in the layout so this one file is all you need to share a layout.

    • Replace Current with Default

      Will overwrite the current selected Profile with the built-in Default Profile.

      CAUTION! This will remove any changes you have made to the current Profile - use this only if you want to revert to the default settings.

  • Selecting Profiles at a Table

    When you first open a table the default Profile will be used, but if you have more than one Profile (of the relevant type, cash or tournament) you can change which Profile is used for each table via the PT-icon.
    Click the PT-icon and choose Change Profile then select the Profile you want to use at this table from the list.



    The selected Profile will only apply to the current table, so you can have different Profiles on different tables if you like.

    To change the default Profile for the current table type (site and table-size combination) select your preferred Profile then select the 'Make Active Profile Default for Table Type' option.