Settings Window

PokerTracker 3 version 3.10
October 25, 2013
  • Introduction

    The Settings window allows you to define your own player name which is automatically selected at start-up and when your poker 'day' starts for use with date filters, along with a few graphical options.

    To open the Settings window, click the Settings button on the Texas Holdem tab.


    This is what the Settings window looks like by default.


  • General
    • Configure your Screen Name

      To configure your screen name you must first have imported some of your own hands.

      Click the Search... button to open the Find Player window.

      a. To narrow down your search you can select a specific site.
      b. If you type your name in the Search: field it will jump to it.
      c. Select your player name in the list.
      d. Click OK.

      When you return to the main Settings window you will see your name in the My Screen Name field.

    • Set what time your poker day starts

      If you ever play sessions over midnight you will probably want the date filters to include those whole sessions as part of the previous day.

      To do this you configure My Day Starts At to a time you never play, such as 5am. This tells PT3 to include all sessions played between 5am one day and 5am the next as part of the same 'day', using the date of the start of the 'day'.

      Let's say you play 4 sessions on 15 March 2009 and into 16 March.
      1. 2pm till 5pm
      2. 7pm till 8pm
      3. 11.30pm till 12.30am (on the 16th)
      4. 1am till 2am (on the 16th)

      If you leave 'My Day Starts At' set to midnight and filter to a single date (09/03/15) then 3 of the sessions will be included in the filter because they start on the 15th (reports showing session results show the whole session), but if you look at a report showing individual hands it will only show the hands played up until midnight (2 1/2 sessions).
      This can lead to a discrepency between what you see in the different tabs; i.e. between session-based reports and hand-based reports.

      If instead you set 'My Day Starts At' to 5am then all the reports will filter to the complete 4 sessions (because they are all played between 5am on the 15th and 5am on the 16th.)

      Select your preferred time from the My Day Starts At dropdown list:


    • Set the No Opportunity text

      If a player hasn't yet had an opportunity to do something (for example; if they have played one hand and were in the big blind then they haven't yet had an opportunity to make a blind steal raise) then the statistic for that situation ("Att To Steal") will be represented by the 'No Opportunity' text.

      By default this is "N/A" but you can override this by changing the No Opportunity Statistic Text.

      You can also change the colour this text is displayed in by double-clicking the colour block.


    • Define report colors


      The reports in PT3 are coloured to show positive and negative values.

      The colours used to represent positive and negative values are defined in the Settings window.
      To change them, double-click a colour block.


  • Performance


    • Filter Player List

      If you enable this option the player list will be filtered to only show players who have hands which match the current filter.

      This takes a little more work than showing the complete list, so if you find that the Player List takes a long time to populate you may wish to disable this option.

    • Enhance HUD Performance

      This is an old option and should no longer be needed.  Unless you are experiencing performance issues with the HUD you should leave this option disabled, and even then you should follow the advice in the HUD Troubleshooting Guide first.

      If you enable this option the HUD process will make some minor technical changes to the way it works in an attempt to improve performance. The most notable change is that transparency is disabled so all HUD Groups will be 'solid' regardless of the transparency setting.

  • Icons

    The Icons tab allows you to change the descriptions of the auto-rate icons.
    Simply type over any descriptions you wish to change.