Structure of the Details report

PokerTracker 3 version 3.10
October 25, 2013
  • Introduction

    This document lists the stats used in the Details tab reports. All stats are in the Holdem Cash Player Statistics section.

    To see how they are calculated you can look them up using Configure > Configure Stats.
    See the Tutorial - Custom Reports and Statistics for information on how stats are defined.
    The Statistical Reference Guide gives an overview of the statistics.

    The report lists the following stats, in order:

  • Player Details

    Amount Won

    VP$IP SB
    Fold to F Bet
    Fold to F Raise

    Fold to T Bet
    Fold to T Raise

    Saw Flop %
    Fold to R Bet
    Fold to R Raise

    Fold SB to Steal
    Fold BB to Steal
    Fold BB to SB Steal


  • Blind Defense

    SB Faced Steal
    Fold SB to Steal
    SB Steal Def W w/o SD
    SB Steal Def WTSD
    SB Steal Def W SD

    BB Faced Steal
    Fold SB to Steal
    BB Steal Def W w/o SD
    BB Steal Def WTSD
    BB Steal Def W SD

    Att To Steal

  • Steal Success

    No Flop = how often the player's steal attempt won immediately. "Steal Success".
    Fold = the percentage of times the player folded at some point in the hand after attempting to steal. "Att To Steal & Fold"
    Won w/o SD = how often the player attempted to steal and then won the hand without a showdown. = "Steal W w/o SD".
    Steal WTSD
    Steal W SD

  • First Action on the Flop After a Preflop Raise

    PFR Flop Raise
    PFR Flop Bet
    PFR Flop Call
    PFR Flop Check
    PFR Flop CheckRaise
    PFR Flop Fold
    PFR Flop None

  • Player Actions

    Actions = The total number of actions by street = Total Preflop Actions, and the same for Flop, Turn, River, and "Total Actions"

    The percentage of a player's actions which were:
    Raise Preflop % and the same for Flop, Turn, River, and "Raise %"
    Bet (not preflop), Call, Check and Fold all use stats with the same naming convention.
    Aggresssion Factor = Preflop/Flop/Turn/River/Total AF
    Aggression Frequency = Preflop/Flop/Turn/River/Total AFq

    WWoSD % When Bet or Raise Preflop/Flop/Turn/River
    Fold % When Bet/Raise ...
    WTSD % When Bet or Raise ...
    W$SD % When Bet or Raise ...

    The Just called section uses the same naming convention.

  • When Folds Hands

    No Fold %
    Preflop/Flop/Turn/River Fold %