Using Live HUD Statistics

PokerTracker 3 version 3.10
October 25, 2013
  • Introduction

    PT3 has a "live stats" mechanism which gives access to information from the end of the previous hand, and up to the last 10 hands, at the current table.

    This allows stats like:

    • Stack size and Tournament "M"
    • Average pot size and average players seeing the flop (from up to the last 10 hands)
    • Winners of the last 10 hands, with pot size and rake
  • Built-in Live Statistics

    PT3 has a few built-in stats which use this new mechanism.
    These are available for all game types:

    • Table - Average Pot
    • Table - Average Stack
    • Table - Players per Flop
    • Table - Prior Hand 1 - Winner
    • Table - Prior Hand 1 - Pot
      (There are 5 prior hands built-in and up to 10 previous hands can be created.)
    • M [tournament only]
  • Building Custom Live Stats

    It is possible to build your own custom stats in the same way.
    This mechanism uses some new functions to access the information - it is not stored in the database so we do not use columns to access it.

    The functions can be used either in Variables or directly in Statistics. In most cases it will be neater to use Variables as this means that the Variable can be used in multiple stats without the complication of the function calls.
    There are several Variables built in which use the functions, and these are labelled var_live_xyz.

    Tip! In all cases below; when you specify a stat name you must include the name in single quotes, exactly as in the examples.

    The functions are:

    • live_table_stat( stat )

        stat can be:

      • 'amt_ante' - the ante amount
      • 'amt_bb' - the big blind amount
      • 'amt_sb' - the small blind amount
      • 'avg_stack' - the average stack at the table
      • 'cnt_history' - the number of hands in the live history (max 10). See 'live_table_history_stat' below.
      • 'cnt_players' - the number of players

        Example: live_table_stat( 'amt_bb' )
        (the big blind amount in the previous hand)

        Note: All values are taken from the end of the previous hand, so in a tournament they will be wrong for the first hand in each new blind level.
    • live_player_stat( player, stat )
        stat can be:

      • 'amt_before' - the stack size at the start of the last hand
      • 'amt_stack' - the stack size at the end of the hand
      • 'amt_won' - the amount the player won or lost in the last hand

        player is the text name of the player, and will nearly always use the existing column "str_player_name".

        Example: live_player_stat( str_player_name, 'amt_won' )
        (the amount this player won or lost in the previous hand)
    • live_table_history_stat( stat, index )
        stat can be:

      • 'amt_won' - total pot size (inc. rake)
      • 'amt_rake' - rake taken
      • 'cnt_saw_flop - the number of players who saw the flop
      • 'winner' - the winner of the hand, or "[Split]".
      • 'cnt_players' - the number of players in the hand

        index is the index of the hand. The last hand is 0, the hand before that is 1, up to a maximum of 10 tables where the index of the oldest is 9.

        Example: live_table_history_stat( 'winner', 0 )
        (the winner of the previous hand)
  • Custom Statistic Example

    As an example, this is how I built a "Stack in BB" stat in the Holdem Cash Player Statistics section.

    To calculate stack in BB we need to divide the stack size by the size of the big blind so first I built a Variable to hold each of those values.
    In the custom stats window select the Holdem Cash Player Statistics section and go to the Variables tab.
    (These Variables already exist in the tournament sections as they are used in the M stat.)

    Click New and give the variable a name, let's start with "var_live_amt_bb".
    Enter the Expression: live_table_stat( 'amt_bb' )
    Add a Description too: "The BB amount in the previous hand at this table".

    Add the second Variable in the same way: "var_live_amt_stack" with Expression: live_player_stat( str_player_name, 'amt_stack' ) and Description "The player's stack at the end of the previous hand".

    Now that we have both the Variables that we need we can build the stat.
    Go to the Statistics tab and click New.

    Give your stat a Name, such as "Stack in BB", and a Description.
    Enter the Value Expression using the new Variables: var_live_amt_stack / var_live_amt_bb

    Although these stats won't work in reports (only the HUD) it is always a good idea to fill in the Format tab too.

    Click Apply to save your stat.
    If the HUD is running you will need to stop the Auto Import before your new stat is available to add to the HUD.