Hotkey Guide

TableNinja II version 2.3.x +
October 17, 2014
  • Overview

    A hotkey is a key that when pressed causes TableNinja II to take a certain function.  These functions can be assigned to nearly any keyboard key or combination of keys.  Hotkeys can also be assigned to mouse clicks or gamepad buttons.  To set a hotkey, click in the text field for the hotkey you want to change and press the key, key combination, or mouse button you wish to set as the hotkey.

    Hotkey Screenshot


    Some hotkeys require a longer press to assign them properly.  If you wish to use the delete (Del) key, backspace key, or tab key as a hotkey you need to hold it longer (about half a second) for it to properly apply.

  • Global vs Poker Hotkeys

    There are two types of hotkeys – global hotkeys and poker hotkeys.  Global hotkeys work anywhere regardless of where the mouse is, or what application is in the foreground.  Poker hotkeys only work when a poker table is the current active window.  You can tell that a poker window is currently active because it has the special "Target table" frame color.  The top table has the red "Target Table" frame color, and the bottom table is not the active table.

    A PokerStars table with the active frame color shown.


    You can also tell which hotkeys are working by looking at the TN2 icon in the system tray.  If the icon is green, all hotkeys are working. When the icon is half green and half red, poker hotkeys are not working and only global hotkeys will function. If the icon is red all hotkeys including global hotkeys have been disabled.

    Icon showing all hotkeys are working


    Icon showing only global hotkeys are working


    Icon showing none of the hotkeys are working


    By default there are two hotkeys which are global: the "Toggle Hotkey" hotkey, and the "Cycle to First in Line" hotkey.  Several others can be set to be global in the Table Control → Cycling area as seen below.  Check any "G" box to make that hotkey global.

  • Advanced Hot Key Topics
    • Forcing a Hotkey to be Global

      TN2 2.3.x+ allows advanced users to force any specific hotkey of their choosing to be global.  This will cause the hotkey to function even without a poker table window at the forefront.  To force a hotkey to be global, you will need to access the advanced settings window.  To access the advanced settings, go to the Setup tab and click Beta / Config.

      TableNinja II Settings Screen


      Then click Edit/Import as shown below.

      Beta/Config Window with Edit/Import Circled


      If you copy any text to the clipboard in :setting=value" format it will be imported and show up directly in the text window. You can then modify it as you prefer (or you can type it in directly). The setting to force a hotkey to be global is "default.[hotkey_name].is_global". If it has a value of "1" the hotkey will be global. If it has a value of "0" it will be a poker hotkey. When you are satisfied with the changes, click "Save and Restart Table Ninja" and your settings will be applied. The settings names for the various hotkeys are:

      • bet (press "Bet/Raise" button)
      • cc (press "Check" or "Call" button)
      • fold (press "Fold" button)
      • left_button (Click By Location: Left Button) 
      • middle_button (Click By Location: Middle Button)
      • right_button (Click By Location: Right Button)
      • inc_bet (Increment Bet)
      • dec_bet (Decrement Bet)
      • aa_check_fold (AA Check/Fold)
      • aa_fold_any
      • aa_call
      • aa_call_any
      • aa_raise
      • aa_raise_any
      • cycle_fil (Cycle to First In Line)
      • cycle_nil (Cycle To Next In Line)
      • cycle_pil (Cycle to Previous In Line)
      • cycle_forward 
      • cycle_backward
      • sitout_next_hand_target_table
      • sitout_next_hand_all_tables
      • sitout_next_bb_target_table
      • sitout_next_bb_all_tables
      • layout_none (turn off Layout)
      • layout_cascade (Layout: Cascade)
      • layout_stack
      • layout_tile
      • layout_sat
      • layout_custom
      • close_table (Close target table)
      • close_all_tables
      • toggle_tourney_break
      • toggle_hotkeys
      • post_blind
      • all_in (set "All In" as bet, but don't click the "Bet" button)
      • all_in_click_bet (set "All In" as bet and click the "Bet" button)
      • set_table_aside1 (move table to Set-Aside 1)
      • set_table_aside2
      • set_table_aside3
      • set_table_aside4
      • set_table_aside5
      • set_table_aside6
      • set_table_aside7
      • set_table_aside8
      • set_table_aside9
      • set_table_aside10
      • handle_popups1 (Handle Popups 1)
      • handle_popups2
      • handle_popups3
      • handle_popups4
      • show_lobby (Show the lobby corresponding to the active table)
      • join_waitinglist
      • register_tourney
      As an example, to make the “Check/Call” hotkey global, the text you'd want to use is: “ = 1”, then Save and Restart TableNinja.
      An example showing = 1 inserted
    • Assigning Hotkeys to a Gamepad

      TableNinja II has built in gamepad support, and no extra program is required.  Simply plug in the gamepad, go to the section for the hotkey you wish to assign and press the gamepad button.  TableNinja II should recognize it without further configuration.