TableTracker: Advanced Usage Guide

TableTracker version 4.x
February 16, 2014
  • TableTracker Advanced Usage Introduction

    The core functionality of TableTracker is described in the Basic TableTracker Guide. This Advanced Usage Guide will describe how to customize the scoring and table filtering options within TableTracker.

  • Custom Scoring

    TableTracker has the ability to score players to help you to find preferable tables. This feature allows you to assign players a value based on their stats. This is very similar to an auto-rating system, but you have separate rules for 8-9-10 max tables and 5-6 max and 2 max tables. We've included a built-in proprietary rule set, which is used by default. Our rule set was built based on experience and extensive study of players. You have the option of creating your own rules if you wish, but we would recommend trying our rules first to see how they work for you.

    If you wish to create your own set of scoring rules you click Configure and use the Scoring tab.



    Here you can disable scoring altogether by selecting No Scoring, or use the Built-in Scoring (which is highly recommended). To define your own custom scoring you select the Custom Scoring option.

    To build a scoring system you create a series of scores which are applied in priority order. Each score has a set of rules, and the first score whose rule conditions are met is applied. The scores are not added together. Scores are applied for all players that you have statistics for in your databases and averaged to give an overall table score.

    To create a new scoring set of rules you select which type of tables the scores will apply to from the dropdown list in the top right; then click the green plus icon bottom left.

    Custom Scoring


    You can now add your rules to create this score by clicking the green plus in the Selected Rule section and choosing the statistic you want to use.

    Custom Scoring

    Select the Operator you want to use and enter the value to compare against then click the disk icon to save the rule.


    Add as many rules as you like for this scoring condition and enter the Resulting Score which will be applied if all rules are true.



    You can add and remove scores using the plus and minus buttons, and change the priority with the up and down arrows at the bottom of the Scores section.

  • Custom Filters

    By default TableTracker colors the table rows pale green or red based on the average score of the table - green for positive average score ("good" tables), red for negative score ("bad" tables).

    You can add your own custom filters to either color certain tables or hide them from view. To do this, select the Advanced Filters tab within the TableTracker Configuration window.

    The following example adds a filter to highlight tables where two or more players have a VP$IP value of more than 40%.  To add a new Filter click the green plus icon to the right of the Filters section and set the Use Value of field to compare the Table Average or when more than x players meet the criteria.  Select the statistic you want to compare in the Rule.


    Select the Operator and enter a Value then click the disk icon to save the rule.

    Decide whether you want to hide the row or color it. When you select Color Row the color chooser window will open.


    If you wish to change the color later you can double click the color block.

    custom filters table tracker poker

    The filters are applied in order, so you will need to move the new filter to the top of the list if you want it to take priority over the existing rules.

    custom poker table rules order